Paladins need severe nerfs


Get your popcorn!

Fresh. Hot. Buttery.


The title is “paladins need nerfs” OP just started the rant with Rets. All paladins are covered here.

That being said, let Rets have their moment in the sun. Leave Prot alone. It’s fun when you get a bad one who relies 100% on the class and not their skill to get thru the key.

I’d like the large, no popcorn, extra salt

At the top end Ret is in line with the rest and definitely not the top damage.

It’s a scaling issue. Move along.

Don’t do trivial content and then ask for nerfs because of what happens there. It’s ridiculous.


Ok that’s 10 dollars for a Large Neckbeard forum poster.


From all the reasons you can possibly have to nerf a spec (any spec), you probably chose the most inconsequential one.


Your comment represent your guild name most adequately.

First, no one cares about what a spec does in heroic dungeon queue.
If you got an toxic player with you, use the vote to kick feature.

Secondly, the tank spec HAS been nerfed, substantially in fact.

That’s a lot of defensive power gone, they shouldn’t kill a spec when it’s over performing.
We’ve yet to see if it needs more because its the first week of both raids and M+.
So sit back and take a chill pill.

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It’s like you know me.


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sings take my breath away

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Which is ironic for an undead to sing
Oh wait you’re zandalari… Well this is awkward

exactly I was thinking the same thing. It’s almost like we are… in harmony or… NSYNC lol

I totally don’t do Heroics as Shadow to make the run faster.


You have an honest face… Well parts that are left

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I knew this would cause problems given those people that ability to be a proc ,and ret . would use it to mess up everything for one goal to be the best in all spec even if they fail.

Yeah the real simple solution is to disable spec swapping in instanced content. They already lock specs and gear in M+ during runs. So do the same, and then prevent players from leaving and re-entering with a different spec.



its a heroic… who care what spec you are in as long as it all dies. I doubt you even need to cast a heal in heroics anymore anyways

When you enter you chose the spec you wanted to play ,this is being respectful to all players doing dungeons and raids ,if you change it you are not playing as a team player you are playing you.


Idk OP does, and I imagine other super bad/casual players don’t like it either.

Idc personally. But if it means people stop asking for nerfs to burst specs because they only do trivial content I’m for it.

They got nerfs and still dominate the tank Meta. THATS absurd

If you don’t see the problem with Prot Paladin taking up 8/10 top spots then thats on you.

I sure don’t.

/covers name color

Why didn’t yall cry this much about SL S4 Blood?

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