Paladin Utility

I want to discuss Paladins in terms of raiding an M+ right now the ONLY utility that we bring to the table is Devotion Aura which honestly is laughable being 3% reduced damage.

What happened to Paladins Buffing the raid team with Wisdom, Kings and Might? We actually had something to bring to the Team. Now for the most part we just sit on the sideline.

Bring back something for Paladins to be useful again or maybe give us a lust. Honestly Id be happy with just some utility!


I feel the same pain for you. Monks have had their utility stolen just like many other classes with zero replacement. I really think blizzard needs to get off the “we want people to play these specs/classes” high horse and make everyone bring something to the table so people can play what they want instead of whatever blizzard deems flavor of the month. I know of a few people who were diehard paladin players and have switched off due to poor balancing and zero incentives towards raiding. They have no reason to play poorly thought out class design classes when they can just play something like a rogue and bring 10x more utility and damage.

I feel for you as a paladin having played one for a while myself but its a pretty game wide problem that they really need to fix.

I miss blessing of kings and blessing of wisdom


Al those buffs that came back didn’t make anything better i think only in favor of the classes that got those buffs. And i don’t understand why some classes got their buffs back and others like paladins and druids not? Also buffs need to be given to more classes, that everyone can bring in something especially to small 5 man m+ groups. And I am missing the scrolls to make at least a bit of a change without the class giving the buff.


Class abilities, balance and tuning are primarily focused on competitive E-Sport Arena and then World First Raiding. It seems apparent to me that it has been determined that the revenue from these two activities is substantial enough to target the majority of balancing towards them. It is certainly unfortunate for the general player base that this is the case since this balancing causes significant issues for the areas of the game that the vast majority of the player base pays for to play.


This is a great read, There have been multiple discussions on the Paladin forms about what positive changes can be made to better improve our class. It feels as if Paladins especially Ret have just been pushed to the side. We need a dev to actively discuss what changes are being made and why.

I have had a Ret as my main since BC and we havent felt useful since legion. We are supposed to be the Hammer of Justice instead we are just a hammer that is putting the final nail in the RET coffin.


Bolas puts everything perfectly as to what is wrong with Ret going into DF and what could be potential fixes.


First time in forever that every person ive known who has played pally in the past has given up and switched classes due to the absolute destruction of the class. I hope blizzard understands how bad this is getting. This is way beyond getting a battle rez will fix it.


It feels so bad playing RET both in SL and DF BETA. Its hard enough finding a group to mythic raid with let alone as a RET. Mythic + right now just seems off the table if you are RET.


The recent nerfs to ret for DF seems comical at this point. The only thing ret brings to the table is damage and we are even getting that taken away from us.


Looks like some needed change is coming

We now have further thoughts in a feedback thread in the 10.0.7 PTR forum.