Paladin Things to Do?

I’m picking up this Paladin after not playing the class for a long time. What I want to know is if there is a list of Paladin things to do besides collecting transmog for themed sets.

I mained a Warrior for a few expansions so I know there are things that can be done. So far my list is:

  • Order Hall and Appearances from Legion (mage tower is lost but others are still there
  • Class mount from Order Hall
  • Crusader title from Trial of the Crusader in Icecrown

Are there any other Paladin things that can be done in WoW? I’m thinking of specific glyphs, appearances, languages, etc just the odds and ends of neat things that Paladin as a class can have.

Definitely get the argent charger mount from the trials dailies

The ulduar legendary is pretty cool on a pally too

Make sure to get Divine tome:Contemplation, so you can contemplate why you’re playing a Paladin.

I actually have that one. Are there any other unique things like that for Pally?

Glyph that make your wings 4 instead of 2 so you can be the butterfly you’ve always wanted to be.

There aren’t many substantial aesthetic changes for Paladin. If you complete your legion order hall you can change your sprint to look like one of the 4 order hall mounts. That’s about it. Outside of glyphs, we don’t have much else.

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Yeah we’re not like hunters who have a literal entire different game system reserved for them. We just get S Class in all specializations.