Paladin Heal or Tank

Hey there folks! My friends and I just started TBC content and intend to do a fair amount of dungeon runs.

Is the server short on healers or tanks? I’m debating whether to spec and gear for prot or holy.


My personal recommendation is that you go with whatever you enjoy the most. Holy paladins can be rough when initially gear on the basis that anything that does AoE damage in a dungeon can be really hard for a fresh 60+ Paladin to heal. They make excellent Main Tank heals and great pvp healers - but otherwise… it’s kind of Eh, in my opinion. If you like the healing style, by all means! Go for it!

As for me, a Prot Paladin, I can say there is usually a shortage of tanks and that you would certainly be in high demand. The perks of being a Prot Paladin is that you’re and AoE tank God at present - and well into Wrath. You’ll have no trouble finding groups, getting gear, and if you’re a nice person… you’ll find that folks will remember you!