<Painfully Average> LFM - 1 night a week

Hi friends!

Painfully Average is a guild of friends that have been playing games together for years and have decided to come back to the glory that is TBC. We like to joke around, play games(More than just WoW. We play League, Apex, Outriders, whatever people want to play). We’re looking to add a few more people to the group to raid through TBC on a pretty casual schedule. If you’re interested, you can message me on discord at Jasterqt#2487.

Currently we’re on planning on raiding 1 night a week, if it comes to the point we need more we’ll discuss longer nights or an extra day amongst the raid and go from there. We’re confident that with it being 10 year old content, players and computers both being much better in general that we can clear it on a 1 night a week schedule.

Raid Night


  • Protection Paladin - High Priority
  • Any tank spec for a second Karazhan group


  • Elemental Shaman - High Priority
  • Balance Druid - High Priority
  • Retribution Paladin - High Priority
  • Beast Master Hunter - Low Priority

If you don’t see your class listed but are interested, contact me anways! Jasterqt#2487 on Discord