Pagle Realm Discord

Hey, with all the new folks coming to the game for Wrath, or returning, I wanted to post the Pagle realm Discord here where folks might find it.

Good place to find a guild, a pug, or even just some ppl to chat with.

Our discord invite code is:

or, if we let our lvl 3 boost lapse sometime:

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(same Discord server, linked for convenience)

Thanks Andy I guess I don’t post here much and my permission to post links lapsed!

Still active.

Where on the server can you see pugs? I only see Guild recruitment

You need a Alli role and a blue name. Ping #need-a-role if the bot in #role-selection still hates you.

I was asking how Andy could post Discord links but I’d receive a error message.

FYI, I learned you need a Trust Level 3 to post Discord invite links apparently. (But other links, like to Reddit, can be done at Level 2.)

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What a great community, the Pagle Discord!

Bumping this for educational purposes.

Hey folks, when I try to accept the invite, Discord says I cannot talk until I complete a few more things, like verify my phone number?? But when I enter the verification code it sends I get a vague error that a number (the phone number??) is already being used, and I have to remove “it”. ©L©

I do not have a phone number assigned to my Discord account, so I have no idea what I am supposed to do to ‘fix’ this. Can anyone help me?

Were you able to fix it? I did a little google searching and there are some suggestions out there on how to resolve this problem.

Nope, Discord can’t seem to understand what I m saying and can’t fix it either. :frowning:

I found some other person’s account that was using my phone number and deleted it, but that still didn’t fix it, and Discord just says that was impossible and has not responded to my recent emails, but it is the Thanksgiving holiday… :slight_smile:

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Still no word from Discord. :frowning:

I guess I will never be able to “complete” the invite… :slight_smile:

So the link is expired, how do I join it

59wVvmD should be a permanent invite code.

Pagle should work too.

Oh well, it looks like I will never be able to join any Discord servers. :tired_face:

Discord Support has been utterly useless. There is a serious problem, as I found my phone number associated with a different account (and deleted it). But a month later their system still says my phone number is already in use, and it is not associated with my account, in the Settings. And if I try and do the “phone number logon” it says THAT account is disabled.

But I have to “talk” with a different “support person” (robot?) every time I communicate/email and they just read level 1 scripts about how the verification codes can only be used once and so forth.

Can’t make any progress on the real problem. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Total support failure. Sorry Pagle Discord, I really wanted to join! :broken_heart:

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It’d be crazy if this thread made it to the top of the subforum somehow.