Pagle 10 Hour War not ending

Eating time folks could be getting into AQ - really uncool :frowning:


What a joke, 9:28.

The issue is that we’re on the clock for the 20-man raid resets. We had 5 hours to try to get AQ20 in before the lockout reset at noon. Now down to 2 hours and still cannot zone in.

Gonna be a looooooot of resets moving forward. Naxx isn’t for a while.

uhm, what is happening now?

Good morning!

There are competing theories about what happened. One is that Saurfang overslept. Another has to do with the gates on Pagle having particularly stuck hinges.

Nonetheless, we think it’s now fixed and the 13 Hour War is over on Pagle.

Never forget.


Surfang sleeps? Is that why you guys killed him off in BFA :((

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This raid is not yet available.

We are currently stuck in a loop of anubisaths spawning while Saurfang stands there. Will see if it goes. As of right now, the instance portal still bounces you out.

so is there going to be time for a 20 man lockout?

@Kaivax, You glib smarmosaur, this is a joke to you, isn’t it? We’re going to miss an AQ20 lockout because a giant software dev can’t properly manage content releases that have been available for 15 years.


Still not available :frowning:

And yet another wave of Anubisaths…

While I don’t like that they are joking about this, I will say at least that the reset doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Everybody will be on equal terms for the server at least.

All we wanted was content blizz way to fail

Still unable to enter the instances.

Still unable to enter, pls fix again

Also infuriating about the @Kaivax post is that it is NOT an apology. No “we’re sorry for the inconvenience, we think we fixed the bug,” just a bad joke.

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Why don’t you go talk to the people that will actually fix this problem instead of giving some cheeky “SaUrFaNg WuZ sLeEpiNg” response. We aren’t here to hear jokes we are here to see why you guys cant get 15 year old content to work.

Wait…you…of all people…complaining about bad PR?
Try again, Colonel Jessup.