[Pacific Northwest] You have been disconnected. (WOW51900328)

Just tried it without VPN, still broken.

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still broken, cant get in, same error, same issue…

Blizzard fix your (bleep) for (bleep)s sake

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It isn’t blizzard.

It’s wave.

Direct your anger appropriately.


Interesting theory…

So why does my typical Wave wifi work?
Streaming is fine, surfing the web is fine, playing Xbox or Steam is fine.

It’s only battlenet that is having issues.
And it’s right after they’ve updated it.

It’s clearly something to do with Blizzard.

It’s almost as though there isn’t a blue stickie post about that very subject at the top of this very forum…

Oh, wait. There is Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #7 by Drakuloth


So, everything can work except for a Blizzard application…
specifically when using an IP in the West to access an Eastern realm.

Its a blizzard issue and they’re running you in circles making you think otherwise. Literally every aspect of my Wave / Astound internet is fantastic except for authenticating to blizzard services.

Get it the heck together or issue us a refund for this lack of access.

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Fall Guys was down for me, too.

Cool too bad thats worthless for this issue but thanks

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Im in california, same issue on wave. it sucks

So what does “tracking” mean on blizzards end because for the majority of us our isp essentially told us to kick rocks. My cell service sucks at home that’s why I have an ISP so I can’t use a hotspot and the latency with a vpn make the game unplayable. Is blizzard going to be contacting these isp’s since they’re clearly aware of which ones are having issues. Today will be the THIRD day I can’t access the game.

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This seems to happen with WAVE providers every major content patch. Best way to get around it is to use a VPN. (One is listed in this thread that is free and works well enough) Hopefully today will see a resolution.

Once again, if you’re desperate, use a VPN. It works.

If this isn’t fixed by today I’ll probably cancel Wave. All internet companies are trash but this one takes an extra effort to stand out.

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If I see a car wrapped around a telephone pole, I’m not gonna blame the pole for being there.

Other services have been affected for me also.The Grand Mafia on iOS for example. I can play via data on that game also but not Wifi.

This is clearly a Wave issue and not a Blizzard one since every other ISP (including VPNs and mobile hotspot) can connect to the game, but Wave cannot.

Is anyone else still having issues connecting or can you connect? Wondering if it’s just me.

@Caracella Yeah, still having issues. I tried reinstalling in a fit of desperation, but now it won’t even install properly, just gets stuck in a loop of “scanning” to “repair”, going pfffbtht at the “repair” part, and restarting the scan ad infinitum.

Summarizing current solutions:

  1. Use your cell phone’s hotspot.
  2. Use a VPN to reroute your network path. Someone above recommended Proto VPN. It works for me.

I tried reinstalling it also. Install went ok but still can’t login. I don’t know what else to try. I guess I just gotta wait it out and see. Thinking of just going on another server and creating a new alt just to be able to play. See if I can even do that.

Can one computer use a VPN w/o affecting other computers on the network? I don’t know about VPNs