Overwolf destroyed one of our add-on apps

Shady business practices, etc. Bout the gist of it by reading the forum. Sticking it to the man by not using Overwolf I guess lol.

Wowup says hello

Yes. We know. We’ve been discussing that. Even the OP talks about it.

ELVUI is like the store brand knock off UI. No flavor, no soul. Just a pretty can full of mediocre disappointment.

I can’t speak for people, Kaurmine doesn’t like Overwolf because it’s big and ugly :slight_smile: Ajour was small and customizable to your tastes, it came with some built in themes but also has a theme builder https://theme.getajour.com/ if you wanted to make your own. Ajour also supports downloading from Curse, WowInterface, GitHub, Tukui/Elvui, and could update your WeakAuras/PlaterMods/Vuhdo Profiles/Elvui profiles if you got them from Wago :+1:


IMO Blizz should just update

To ban password walling too, require open downloads. It’s arguable they do. But being explicit would de-facto put overwolf back where it belongs: in a dumpster.

Also prior discussion:

It’s run by an advertising company whose entire business model is inserting advertisements into your games. They’ve not vetted their advertisements in the past so they allowed malware to infect the PC’s of the users who installed their software. Their software is poorly optimized and would slow down PC’s of users who installed it.


^^^ And if you’re using Overwolf for addons, stop using it! Stop supporting them!

What is a good alternative to overwolf?

CurseBreaker, Ajour, WoWUp. Unfortunately most add-on developers host their add-ons on CurseForge. Some put their add-ons on Github. So add-ons are pretty much dead if you don’t want to give out all your data to an advertising company.

Spoken like someone that never did anything relevant in the game.
lmfao, stick to questing kiddo.

I think a few other ppl said the same, but I never leave it open. I open it once a week or so to check for updates and then close it out completely. But I don’t like anything running on my computer I’m not actively using.


Ajour is unfortunately stopping development, but it looks like WowUp will remain and that’s what I’m switching to. I don’t know anything about Cursebreaker, but I’ve heard it mentioned before.

One thing to note is that the third party updaters like WowUp also update addons from places other than Curse. Overwolf only updates Curse addons. That being said, Curse has the largest selection of addons available, probably by a significant margin.

That’s pretty much what I do, I open it, update raider io and some other addon that needs update then I close everything again (both curseforge and overwolf).

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Thankfully that’s against ToS. Shouldn’t have to worry about it.

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That is true but there is nothing in the TOS that says they can’t get a share of add revenue from hosting sites. After all the addon is still free to use, even if you don’t want to use Overwolf. You can always just get them straight from the web site.

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Elv and Tuk UI’s do absolutely nothing other addons don’t, outside of look generic as hell.

Not that it matters, because you will just ignore it. But I have had zero issues with any kind of performance while it is open. I generally close it when not in use (just like I tend to close browser windows to reclaim resources they have a lock upon) but even when it is open and running so I can parse while raiding I have never noticed an issue.

Now you can complain about the ads but other then that you are just being silly. It’s not like you can’t just turn it off after you do your 20 second scan/update.

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This is exactly what I do.

Thus why I said right in the OP:

You seem to be trying to have an argument that I was never having.