Overwolf Client and Addon Management - PLEASE Don't Support This!

I use a platform, might not be able to say the name since people might say I am “promoting it”.

But if it’s purely adon related? I can’t see needing more than this offer.

8GB 2vCPU 4TB 25GB 0.089 $60 Create
16GB 4vCPUs 5TB 50GB $0.179 $120 Create

We’re not exactly computing anything that heavy, if properly coded.

Several software developer ecosystems host libraries for free on Github, enabling anybody to legally write updaters. That would work for WoW addons too if addon devs made the push to switch over. Costs don’t have to be all that high.


Yeah. Getting a linux server on this platform is remarkably cheap and affordable tbh.

It’s what I’m using in my FFXIV websites.

if they try and block any add on managers
there will be a ton of youtube videos teaching players how to manually install them


What’s your discord, I have a few coders on speed dial

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This!! Very much this!!!

And thank you OP for the news. I didn’t think they were going to start as soon as this year.

We do desperately need to get the addon authors on the same page. This has been difficult for years now however once the battles over wowmatrix came up and split the authors. Back then the majority of better addons where on wowinterface or wowace (before being gobbled up by curse. . I have ALWAYS not liked curse)

I know as I was working on willitclassic some wanted an api, but the site was not meant to compete with wowi or curse/twitch. But I was vocal at the time in trying to get legitimate authors to host on github or gitlab.

The Tuk Elv team has kept their code inhouse and they are in a much better place for it.

The hardest part is going to be the userbase that is just used to grabbing an all in one client.

I support an open api and client with all addons hosted on repos that can be examined.

The MOD authors deserve better than what has happen

Ok, my rant is over. Don’t even know if it made any sense. :slight_smile:


I might be caught up for the next few weeks so I can’t promise anything plus I’d need to ofc look into these systems more. I AM actually still new around here and don’t know the ins and outs and legalities and who is doing whats and such.

So idk how possible it is or isn’t.

Just wanted to disclaimer that

This year?

Fam, the Adpocalypse starts in TEN DAYS.


Sent request


@Daddy, @Evyx,

I think you are missing the part where at least three 3rd party open clients already exist: Ajour, WoWup and CurseBreaker.

We don’t need one more, rather we need to adress the common problem that would ail any 3rd party manager: Overwolf menacing to shut down access to the Curse API.


Basic framework for a dirt cheap addons index site:

  • Addon developers put their addon releases up for free on Github/Gitlab
  • Index site is static generated HTML hosted for free with Netlify’s generous free open source plan
  • Index site includes static, versioned generated JSON blob that addon updaters can download
  • Devs submit their addons for inclusion with a simple Github pull request

This would cost almost nothing to run.


I am genuinely new here though I post a lot… What is going on with this Curse API and why is it so important? I know that will seem dumb but I literally don’t know what’s special.

Who owns the rights to the api

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Yeah, now convince TSM, DBM, ThreatPlates, RaiderIO, Opie, Titan, Skada, Details, ShadowedUnitFrames, Voodoo, SexyMap, Leatrix, etc. to host there instead of Curse.

Seting up a platform has never been a problem. Heck, we’d already have Github and WoWinterface ready. The problem is convincing 99% of the big addons makers to migrate to an open host.


I know. I had tried to find some info middle of last month and they had not released that. The only thing I could find was much later. So, this is a HUGE surprise. But expected.

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Curse. So, now, Overwolf. It’s their website. It’s just that the original Curse network used to be pretty open with it, whereas now that the business changed hands through Twitch and then Overwolf, Overwolf sees it as a liability to their monetization plans for the service.

I think the boogeyman is that they might be mistakenly told that they need to also make their addon open source. Which some might be very against. But we should just reassure them that their addon is uploaded to a private database and their code need not be exposed.

Just that the host is open source.

(But many devs seem to really respect open source so this might seem a perk.)

Doesn’t WoWUp use wowinterface aswell?

Should be doable if enough players raise a stink, especially if you can get a few high profile personalities (streamers, youtubers, etc) to join the chorus.

Well, there’s no reason those addons have to remain king. TSM and Details might be harder to replace, but having written addons myself the rest aren’t that difficult to write alternatives for. If the currently popular addons actively tie themselves to a scum company they deserve the inevitable reputation smear that brings.