Long story short.
Many alts. None max level
Not a clue where to start.
So tempted to vendor everything of value. Delete most of the toons and start over.

I had to laugh a bit, because I’m pretty much there with you. So, I can tell you what I’ve been doing to maybe give you some ideas of ways to approach things. At least for me, being very intentional about how I’m doing it, and taking some time with the process is important to minimize the odds of regrets.

I made an inventory of my characters. Which characters did I want to play? Which ones had the mage tower done in Legion? Which characters are sentimental? For everything else, I then looked at how useful they were. So, I’ve now got a list of which characters I want to keep, which are up for deletion, and a few undecideds.

I also looked to see if any of the “delete” characters were reasonably close to 50, and have been leveling some of them up so that they remain eligible for undeletion. (I’m definitely not forcing myself to level stuff up if I can’t do it in a way I’m enjoying, but I found most of the characters on the delete list had room for a gathering profession, and I really enjoy doing some gathering while listening to podcasts/audiobooks.) That removes a big psychological barrier for me, as if I do make a mistake, it doesn’t feel unrecoverable.

Right now, I’m on the first steps auctioning off my hoard step of the cleanup. All that stuff I’ve been saving just in case? To the AH. Some of it is worth a decent amount of gold. Some of it is vendor fodder. It’s a fair bit of work, but I think it’s worth it vs blind vendoring. It means I’ve got some more gold in case some neat gold sink comes out.

I’m also starting to look at what currencies the characters on the delete pile have and seeing if I can get any useful account stuff. (I’ve already completed my Legion and BC timewalking vendor collections with help from such characters and I’ll be able to pick up everything but the mount next week for Wrath.) Basically looking for stuff that I can either add to my collections or sell off for gold.

My next goal is to take my “main” through Dragonflight finally and unlock regular flying. (I’m going to be honest here and say that to some extent this is a test to see if I can manage doing so without it being completely miserable. If I can’t, it becomes harder to justify continuing playing at all, but that’s a whole other topic.)

Once that’s done (and I’ve made a final decision on if I’m going to keep playing) then I’ll start the process of going through each character, making sure everything useful has been cleared out of them, and then hitting delete.


Thank you so much for the reply.
It sounds like a well thought out plan.
I don’t think I have nearly as much stuff to consider but it will still take a bit to time to complete the process

is the upgrade option available for you on the character screen? this definitely helped me when i returned. they ditch everything you don’t need (quests, items) and give you gear/spec to start.

if it’s not available, you can essentially do the same thing manually; it’s just more daunting because you wonder if anything is valuable (it isn’t, other than maybe nostalgia/xmog. put that stuff in the void storage next to the Xmog guy, if so).

I do have the gear upgrade option.
I have used that on a couple of toons today. It seems to work pretty well.