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Chain Reaction is an Alliance Guild on Lightbringer that raids T/Th 7-9:30 pm PST, raiding Normal and Heroic, AotC Sepulcher, etc. We’re looking to bring in ranged DPS (especially mage/shadow priest) for Season 4 and Dragonflight Normal/Heroic raids.

We are a mid-sized guild, established in 2009. We have achieved Ahead of the Curve every tier with the exception of one, since Cataclysm. We also enjoy pushing Mythic + (many raiders earn KSM), a little PvP, old runs for Achievements/transmog, etc.

We have people around just about every night up for something!

If you’re interested, feel free to hit me up on battlenet, RowanBeth#1291. (I don’t check the forums for responses too often, so please do reach out on BNet, or I can also be reached on Discord, Beth #0208 .)