Others games similar to wow?

If this makes no sense then I’m sorry I don’t really go into the forums that often, and this really is not the proper place to ask this but…
like some people the game time change thing screwed me over and I have to wait a bit before I figure out a better way of getting game time (that would work for me). But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Is there any good suggestions of some others games to play that may be similar to wow but like… not wow? I notice that wow has a lot of issues that really bother me and I’m starting to get bored. I’m just in the need for another fantasy game that will purge my eternal boredom. Any suggestions?

You’ve posted this on a realm forum (well, a two-realm forum.) You’ll get better responses if you re-post in General Discussion.

Not sure what “like WoW” means (any MMO, or just fantasy MMOs.?)

Star Wars the Old Republic is a solid MMO.

Fantasy MMOs:

  • Guild Wars 2
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Black Desert Online
  • Final Fantasy SomeRomanNumeral
  • … and many others
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