Original Spell Batching is necessary for World of Warcraft Classic to Succeed

No, you need to do better than this for those of us who know what spell batching is. Because right now it sounds like you are upset that hardware is better and capable of more. WHAT is it that you are asking for. Because spell batching is a very simple system that processes things in set intervals. Tuning the interval back to the original number is the exact same thing.

Right now you are basically saying that if television stations “emulated” the old days by broadcasting in only black and white, that its “not the same because emulated != original” which is stupid because we cannot go back in time to a point where color broadcasting isn’t available… the ‘emulation’ is the same statistical thing to the old system down to the pixel.

What specific system, what specific variable what quantifiable technical specification are you asking for here. And don’t dodge the question. Answer it. be specific.


And what is the OP asking for?

OP is asking for Blizzard to change something that will have no EFFECTIVE DIFFERENCE.

No, you need to do a better job and reading all the posts in a topic.

And what was my response to him?

They won’t, poster is just a common troll.


Answer the question.

Answer it. What specific quantifiable technical specification are you asking for here.

If you don’t then it exposes to the entire thread that you don’t know what you are talking about. Last time we will ask. I have no patience for the 18 year old armchair technicians on this forum that constantly use terms they don’t understand.

This should be really simple.

Argues a straw man without reading all the posts in a thread and name calls.

Yeah mate, I give up, I’ll never be as learned as you.

Good, now everyone can know this thread is a joke before wasting more time reading. And we established that before 30 posts.

That’ll do.

How can you, or the streamers, possibly know how it spell batching felt in Vanilla? It was 15 years ago. Private servers are an emulation. Spell batching is a server side function and the private servers likely didn’t get that exactly right.

No problem bro I got you

We’ve also established that forming an uneducated opinion before reading all the information is the cornerstone of any true intellectual debate.

Why not? Then it’ll play exactly like you remember it

Have you played in the new system yet? I doubt there’s going to be a big difference.

But let’s say there is. We’re using a modern client and modern server architecture. Things are going to play a lot smoother in general.

So either way it won’t feel exactly like Vanilla. Classic just isn’t Vanilla and never will be.

I have and I can tell a difference. For example you used to be able to dodge warrior charges just by jumping, wether this is good or bad is up for debate, or ccing someone at the same time they cc you.

It’s definitely not vanilla but the idea is to get it as close as possible to a true vanilla experience. Which means some form of spell batching should be implemented right?

So you’ve played the beta already?

Some sort of spell batching is already in place. There’s a sticky about it in this forum.

To be far, I don’t think most people here can’t read that well to begin with.

Testing links https://www.google.com

Edit: Finally.

I know that already, but you argued that it won’t have much effect on the game. And I’m arguing that it will if you read my response to your post.

What does having beta have to do with what we’re discussing?

No it’s much more fulfilling to just jump into a topic and start spewing opinions based on absolute assumption.

It’s what all the cool kids are doing.