Orgrim's Hammer questgiver missing?

I can’t seem to find the quest giver for Orgrim’s Hammer to start that entire quest chain in Icecrown on my shaman. I have even talked to Sky-Reaver Klum to take me to the ship but I have no quests on it yet. All my research says the quest giver should be at Crusader’s Pinnacle but I also have no quests there either. Am I missing something?

I also cannot see this quest. Following.

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Although it sucks, I’m happy we are not alone with this issue.

i know this thread is kinda old, but it was never resolved, and i found it because i had also encountered the situation- and felt I should share some useful info in case anyone else might come looking for help about this.

The questgiver is there, but he’s inside the tower on the right side, laying on the top bunk, out of line of sight if your were looking through the door like I was, thinking he wasnt there. Check for him, that might just be the problem.