Orc RP & Rp Guilds

Hello! I have a few questions for the WRA-H community.

So I’ve been rping for a long while now, decade plus a few years if I recall rightly and all this time one of the few things I’ve never done is Orc rp. I was (and still am a bit) honestly kinda scared of it back in the day, the old Kor’Kron rp drama back during MoP/WoD scared me off of Horde rp in general for a long time and I’ve never fully recovered.

But I’d like to give it a shot finally, I’m mainly posting to ask about Orc centered guilds on WRA-H, are there many left these days, any good ones y’all recommend (you’re free to recommend your own obv), any open to folk trying to test things out with Orc rp.

Optionally, I also wanted to ask for some suggestions as for what to do with an Orc character. I’ve debated between regular and Mag’har and think I’ll go with regular (though I’m open), I like their colors and such more, but I’m not sure if I should try and give a regular Orc a clan? Or really what to do with them at all. I’ve been leaning on Shaman, lots of good sets and a good aesthetic.

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As a first recommendation: If you haven’t, I definitely suggest playing through the new Orc Heritage Questline. Not only does it give an amazing armor set (and back banners for regular and Mag’har orcs!) but it also helps give a feel for where orcs currently stand in terms of clans and traditions. It also introduces (or reintroduces!) you to the key personalities that still exist for each clan and their style. I’ve always been a sucker for the Frostwolf, Blackrock, and Shadowmoon clans myself.

In terms of regular or Mag’har, I’d say go with which you like the look of, the story of, the Heritage armor of, or that just strike your fancy. In addition to the Allied Race Quest story background, Mag’har can also stand-in for those raised in Outland as well as any that might have ended up in Azeroth from AU Draenor during and right after the events of WoD, too. I have a few orcs on WrA, though I haven’t found a guild myself yet that is what I was looking for, so I’m looking forward to seeing what gets posted here in reply!

(Dhyanna, Apayauq, Duretha, Sokhara, Golkasha, and Ankova are their names if you want to see their mogs for possible inspiration!)

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Check out those guides and junk. There are a few RP guilds here that are just orc. I’m not entirely sure about how active they are since race specific guilds seem to be harder and harder to maintain nowadays. Joining the Wyrmrest Community Project is your best bet at finding active guilds that might interest you.

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The Rageskull Clan is my orc based rp guild. We are currently in the rebuilding process, but there is just something fun about some old school orc rp outside the confines of the city gates and away from the horde.


I think we’re far enough from the subject to say that Orc RP itself (ie: themes of rage, aggression, conflict and conquest) was not the issue so much as consent was. This was around the same time we had shirtless Worgens running around trying to dominate people in the Blue Recluse.

Which, again, probably wasn’t that much of an issue. Tons of people enjoy shirtless Worgen RP and they should be allowed to.

The problem was that the Horde had a higher population and more lore behind it. Shirtless Worgen were just a localized problem. Kor’kron had actual RP justification behind being jerks and a lot of people took that to terrible ends.

Today, though, I feel like there’s the inverse problem. It’s tougher to be an angry, aggressive Orc in Warcraft’s cuddly new “we’re not criminals” era.


Perhaps so! But I also feel the Orc heritage quest is the perfect place for one to start at modern Orc RP. It contains all beats, updates them for current lore, focuses on the shamanism aspects of the race’s culture while not failing to acknowledge past clans and their history. Without giving (much) spoilers there is even an optional Kor’kron from Garrosh era you get to confront and they feel quite inadequate on the Kosh’harg.

Yes, it is tougher to be an angry, agressive Orc. By design. Of all things WoW modern lore gets wrong, I feel thanks to the heritage quest, this isn’t one of them. You can play a more aggressive orc but you need to also understand and play to the actual context of current lore and Horde dynamics and that is a positive, interesting thing to be explored if that is the aspect of Orc RP that draws you in.

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That was actually on my list! Part of why I’m leaning towards regular Orcs is also the questline (though I could also just use YouTube), and as for the mogs by all means! Love seeing folks creativity.

I hadn’t heard of the community project before, I’ll check it out, thank you!

Exactly what I mean! I’m not even dead set on Orc ONLY RP, I just wanted some focus and a general desire to do anything outside of Orgrimmar.

You aren’t wrong, no, but it was hard to see that at the time. I was like fourteen, fifteen, and a LOT of uncomfortable stuff was being publicly displayed or straight up forced on folk, me included, so it left a mark and a bit of hesitance on trying it out until now.

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Yeah, I’m not going to fault anyone for being leery of Orc RP after all that. It was a massive screw-up to let it happen and a massive screw-up to let everyone who did it off the hook, but that’s kind of Warcraft.

I just want to point out that the Orc heritage armor quest is one of my favorite WoW non-player-generated/scripted moments, and I’ve been playing the game for 18 years. It’s great and captures something rarely glimpsed since the WC3 campaign with Rexxar of an Orc society yearning for the past, coming to terms with the history that led them to their present, and debating which parts of that history are suitable to be brought into their uncertain future.