Orc or Goblin Rogue?

I want to level a rogue soon! I think an orc or a goblin would go best looks-wise. Any recommendations/ tips/ cool facts/ etc?

I just race changed my Rogue to an Orc male and I rather regret it - I’m a little to thick. (I was an undead and had immediate buyers remorse over the race change.)

I think you should strongly consider rolling a Goblin becasue its really nice to be small and agile on a stealthy class. Also Goblins recently got a graphic overhaul along with Worgens.
(And they are one of the least played races and that makes them cool imo.)

Always troll :slight_smile:

Goblins have the best stealth animation and go great with the pirate theme.
But my main is a blackrock mag’har orc so it’s a tough choice