Orc banners

We need the orc clan banners from the Heritage questline to be back equipment. Especially with the new blademaster attire coming soon.


Is the burning blade clan even one of the options?

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I don’t know why blizz has such a stick up their butt about blademaster banners. Stop with this stupid toy nonsense.

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No, but there’s a toy you can get from Warlords timewalking that gives you a Burning Blade banner same as the banner toy from the heritage questline.


I recently got my rogue his heritage and my first question was: why is my banner a toy and not permanent like the totems for Tauren? My choice of clan meant almost nothing.


I do like my Orcs got banners but really do wish they were actually back peices .

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Samuro is a canon burning blade. but I’m not even sure he’s flying their banner or just the Hordes in general. Mag’har would probably have it though.

This expansion makes me want to wear a Dragonmaw banner around certain parts of Azeroth.

Give the orcs their banners. I’d go one further and say make the blade master transmog orc only (both flavors).


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No, I meant one of the options for clans that orcs can join at the end of their heritage quest. That’s what determines which clan symbol appears on their banner. I don’t recall burning blade as one of the options. In fact I might go double check.

Yeah, no BB.

These toys need to be permanent until turned off or at least have a cooldown equal to their up-time.

I do think they should be toys and not back items, so there’s more options for customisation left :smiley:

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The orc clan banner does have a cooldown equal to its duration - 10 minutes.

There’s quite a few cosmetic toys that do not. Like draenei symbols, i believe? (the argus rare drops)

They should have an extension on the quest, where you earn a back-armor banner – That way it can be permanent. :grin:

Having other clans with their unique armor earns (aside from just banners) would be cool too :thinking: Bleeding Hollow for instance could have a ‘chestpiece’ where you wear a necklace of fangs (As seen worn by Kilrogg Deadeye in the vision-cinematic of his death).

That being said, having a toy banner that’s permanent (until disabled obviously) and impales on the ground of your body after death would also be pretty cool.