Orb room ceiling?

I have constantly seen players somehow above the ceiling over the BWL orb in order to avoid the (at least on benediction) constant battling for the orb on big raid days, and also to dispel targets of opportunity of their dm/songflower buffs. Is this not an exploit?


No, it is not an exploit.

Forum logic:

  • If it’s used to dispel opposing faction, not an exploit.
  • If it’s used by opposing faction to avoid dispels, an exploit.

The truth:

  • If it’s used by anyone to avoid anything, it’s an exploit.

i guess these weren’t exploits either, then?

Dodge is used to avoid melee attacks from enemies. It is an exploit, by your logic.

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You’re seriously comparing a built in game mechanic to wall clipping?

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Wall clipping is a built in game mechanic, too, technically. I think the word you’re looking for is “intended.”

My point is that, according to that person’s logic, anyone avoiding anything is an exploit, therefore dodge is an exploit.

All that really matters is Blizzards opinion and they tend to frown on people using untargetable areas to their benefit. I hope that bringing this to their attention gets a lot of people banned because it is BS that alliance are using an exploit to gather and get to the orb without dealing with the BRM war.

Horde do it, too, and it’s not an exploit.

But good luck. Won’t really bother me either way.

if this is against TOS then so is purging:
Disruption / Harassment: Engage in any conduct intended to disrupt or diminish the game experience for other players, or disrupt operation of Blizzard’s Platform in any way, including:

Harassment, “griefing,” abusive behavior or chat, conduct intended to unreasonably undermine or disrupt the Game experiences of others, deliberate inactivity or disconnecting, and/or any other activity which violates Blizzard’s Code of Conduct or In-Game Policies.

idc about either but its your own logic

So how do they get to this place?

Lmao. Keep trying.

Back at you, constantly grasping at straws to scratch that authoritarian itch.

How is this accomplished?

in the words of Tortuga in EVE: “We’re not playing YOUR version of mercenaries”.