Oracle Feedback (deleted)

See Feedback: Oracle in The War Within

I am just bummed at the idea of cycling through buffs if that is what is the plan. If it was activated somehow like fae guardians on people like a buff attached to a spell you cast on someone then that sounds better. I just don’t see how cycling through buffs, at a seemingly often amount of time, to be doable in a key or any kind of intense situation.

I really liked far guardian play though.

And a free insta cast radiance for disc sounds fun, but a free cast of poh sound boosauce. Unless they buff it I guess.

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Right? They could have attached one buff to flash heal, one to pom, and maybe the other to renew or shield. Something that makes it even for disc and holy.

I need to look at the tree again because, at first glance, I thought the other two you get at later on down line were a double buff to the first three but maybe I misread and it is 5 buffs then instead of 3 to cycle through. I need to read more.