Option to learn Goblin Engineering not showing up after Boost

I recently boosted a toon to 80 and learn engineering. I followed the online WOW guides and am now 435/450 but I still am not offered the option to learn Goblin or Gnomish engineer and the trainers learns in DAL are RED to me. How do I find the option to train for one of them? Ive trained in Classic, BC and WOTLK trainers still no option to learn. Any suggestions?

You have to do an unlock quest.


Basically, you have to pick up a starter quest from one of the vanilla areas (Ironforge or Ratchet) and fabricate a number of vanilla engineering items to prove yourself to the respective engineering guilds.

A gnome in the dwarven district in SW IIRC for the gnome engineering.

That guide has that info. I hope it’s accurate, but I don’t play Classic so I can’t confirm, other than noting that what’s described there is what I remember from vanilla, which is when my characters did it.

No the low level engineering trainer in Org isnt offering it to me BUT when I copy character into the Cata Beta those Goblins offered it to me !!! lol…Guess Im waiting for Cata…