Optimal RtB combo points

What is the optimal combo points to use on RtB? I ask because I’m reading on guides to fish for 2 buffs or Grand Melee/Ruthless Precision.

It feels silly to dump 5 combo points on a bad roll that I’m just going to re-roll, but equally bad to roll with 1 combo point and get a great roll that disappears quickly. So, is there a broad sweeping rule of thumb like “always try to aim to for a 2-3 combo point roll”?

Thanks for any forthcoming help.

Edit: forgot to add that I always talent into “Alacrity” so I guess rolls are never wasted when I get the haste buff it provides.

I would always dump 4 to 5 combo points into RtB and 5 to 6 with Deeper Strategem. Every guide I’ve read and watched say max out your finishers unless the enemy will die before the finisher times out and there’s not another mob close. Since you don’t know the outcome of the roll ahead of time you could be spending only 2 combo points on your best roll just to have to roll again when it falls off quicker. I wouldn’t try a 5 point 36 second RtB on a fight that will last another 18 seconds and then spend the other 18 seconds wasted in travel time to next mob.

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Thanks for the reply

This right here is why I hate RtB so much and switched from combat, erm outlaw, to DH after 14 years. Long bosses can be reroll time after time until you get a decent combo. (My record is 14 rerolls - the entire dang fight without a single good combo.)

My suggestion: On a short fight, like in a dungeon or wq, just take what’s given to you at 5 (or 6 if you take deeper strategem - which you shouldn’t be taking right now) or you won’t be able to use any other finishers. On a longer fight - like in a raid - I would still suggest waiting until you hit 5 points before rerolling. You don’t want to be getting a really good roll on 4 points or less, and outlaw generates points quikly enough that a poor roll should be easy to reroll fairly quickly (usually within 10 seconds, unless you’re really unlucky and don’t have any main gauche procs.)

Another option is to pick up SnD, which I did even in hard-mode raids when I was still raiding rogue, even through the beginning of BfA. It does do slightly less dps than RtB/Alacrity, but it’s a much smoother and more predictable play style, and eliminates sooooo much RNG from the spec.

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I’m down to go with SND, but I was under the impression that it was VERY suboptimal. If we are talking 5% difference I’m probably switching.

It’s more than 5%.

I stick to the 4-5 rule myself.

At 5, a good 36 seconds allows 2 solid trash pulls in a 10 key (involving travel time between if needed be)

If I’m re-rolling, I pull it at 3-4 (usually 2 combo point builders in). And then I’ll try to end the fight with 3-6 so I can RtB just before wading into the next pack.

On a boss fight, I’ll go the full 5-6 because I’ve usually got enough procs/adrenaline rush rubbing to get me combo points built up in a hurry that any DPS loss is kept to a minimum

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