Open X-fers Skyfury—>Angerforge

I dont understand the circle jerking of streamers making or breaking servers. Yall are weird, and not the cool kind of weird.


It’s not streamers… it’s server transfers. Server transfers have had incredibly detrimental effects on servers.

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Like I said WPvP is cool and all in the very beginning of an expansion and all that but in reality, people just want to farm their primal air or fires and be done with it without having to fight some paladin and a rogue for 45 minutes.

atleast asmon and the boys left skyfury so queue might die down / ally playerbase will drop for balance

Linking all that stuff they said before the server came out is great. and all but… That was before there was 10k people hostage every night trying to play on a 1 way realm with no other option than reroll.

Umm, not sure what that has to do with anything in this thread, but cool.

Yeah, well just reroll or deal with the queues. It’s not that difficult, and we know that the queues are temporary, so what’s the big deal? You think it’s worth destroying the server because you can’t login to the toon you want to play right now? Sure you do, but I don’t and that’s why I’m commenting.

Cherry picking I see. Okay.

Nah there is 0 reason anything needs to be destroyed. They control who can transfer and who can’t. They put zero effort in controlling population, yet you still defend it. Guess we just don’t agree on the what we consider the issues to be.

Gold buying has destroyed every server in classic and that is why the fresh realms in my circle of friends are so popular. I was on Benediction before and raiding was just very expensive GDKPs. Get just a few weeks or months of manageable economy before it breaks again…

On another topic is mirroring a second server and utilizing sharding like they do in retail just to expensive for a temporary fix on their part or really not an option. Just curious lol.

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Cherry picking what?

Oh, I see. Pardon me if your subtlety wasn’t obvious. As more Horde transferred into Faerlina with paid transfers, people started talking about server imbalance and foreseeing it get worse. Alliance started transferring off, amplifying the disparity in server balance. When it was around 65:35, free transfers to Faerlina opened up for a bunch of realms that were dying, and that pretty much sealed the deal. As horde came flooding in, the Alliance Exodus was upon us.

FWIW, that isn’t cherry picking. I didn’t take a particular thing you said and respond to that while ignoring everything else. I just didn’t have any idea what you meant, because it wasn’t obvious from the context of your reply (to me).

I agree, and not having server transfers was a major selling point for the fresh servers. “Fresh” is already not much of a thing anymore since the amount of people with great gear, epic flying, maxed professions, gold to spare is quite high (at least in my guild), so what else is there, other than being a server whose population cannot be affected by transfers?

I suspect this is a myth, or at least greatly over-emphasized. Sure gold buying is a thing, but if people are able to get multiple max-level characters with epic flying and dual spec within 2 weeks, then farming 15k+ gold isn’t that big of a deal.

I bet the prices of things on the AH on Skyfury, now that people are 70 with gold, maxed professions and they have gone up to adjust to the economy, are not much different from other servers.

Hard to say! Because we don’t have access to the infrastructure or codebase. Something along those lines would be a great solution, imo though… and I wish it was something they could do.

From what they have stated, it doesn’t seem like it’s doable on their end within the foreseeable future.

Where did he go?

except for the toxic no lifers that endeavor to make everyone as miserable as them. they run around griefing. after the initial phase that’s 99% of pvp


force xfer alliance off skyfury there :slight_smile:

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Lol! Funny :smile:

Of course having a healthy server balance is better than not though, and that’s one of the things that makes

Skyfury best server :heart:

just the streamers would suffice

q would be gone

No thanks leave Skyfury alone. Also dont allow people to transfer to Skyfury either.

Im pretty sure most the streamers plan to go back to Benediction besides Sodapoppin which his community and guild seem to be rather small compared to what Esfand and the entire “Crusade” concept or Asmons “Freehongkong” guild. Once those players are gone we will see better Horde and Alliance ratio as well.

Just please leave Skyfury alone for the love of god Blizzard. Alot of us that started fresh was to reunite with old friends and was only option we had but some of us plan to Main the server.

And blame blizzard for faction imbalance and dead servers in two weeks!

Christians didn’t cry this much on the day Jesus was shot.

well at 9pm pdt horde pop was around 6k and ally was 8.8k so it’s not that bad rn. once the streamer fanboys all fully leave i’d imagine ally will drop to around 8k. I think skyfury may be pretty balanced in the future.

angerforge ally pop is 1k and horde 700 so it’s pretty dead rn

oh that’s asmons guild? I see these people literally everywhere

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