Onyxia's lair is not accessible in WotLK classic

One month ago, the patch notes from beta promised it would be:

Level 60 Onyxia should be available once again.

This still hasn’t been fixed. Trying to enter the instance gives an error message “Transfer aborted: instance not found”.

To all the people saying it’s because Ony was reintroduced as a level 80 raid, in vanilla wrath, the level 60 version was accessible before she was upgraded. If we’re getting staggered content, it’s only fair we still get access to the level 60 version. (Plus, like I said above, the developers probably knew that, which is why they mention the level 60 version in the patch notes from last month.)

Please fix this. There’s only so much time for people to have fun with the level 60 version before it disappears forever.

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please blizzard we just want to kill the dragon :frowning:

i just want my bag :frowning:

Still no response from Blizzard. BTW this makes the level 60 Onyxia achievement not attainable for Death Knights, which was obtainable in original wrath.

I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing rallying cry at all since wrath launch.

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Of all the issues facing wrath classic, this is definitely the most pressing.

Went in 2 nights ago and attempted to solo on my DK. Granted, I suicided about 10 minutes into air phase because the gold surely wouldn’t be worth the time… but she was definitely available, no attunement required.