Only one item at creation catalyst


This week I was only able to use the creation catalyst once on this toon before it incurred the weekly cooldown. Wasn’t it supposed to be three items this week?

Did you create 2 items last week?


Yes I did

10 chars

Currently, you can only convert one piece per week, but the charges are cumulative, so if you hadn’t created any since its release, it’s possible a character could create three this week. At some point, it’s been stated that the charges will increase, but I don’t think that information has been published yet.


The Creation Catalyst can transform one item per week, but it can store up these charges so that if you miss a week you’ll be able to create two set pieces the following week, and alts or players who come along later in the Season may be able to create an entire set if they have the Flux for it.


Thanks both Marwenna and Zungar. I’m going to mark Zungar’s post as the solution since it included a link to the full post about the creation catalyst and that might be useful to anyone else who finds this topic :slight_smile: