Only 11 hunters in pvp

In the top 300 of 3s ladder it only has 11 hunters. Only 2 hunters in the top 100. Seems low. Is hunter not doing as hot as people claim. All i hear is hunters op all the time. But looking at rep doesnt seem like it. I didnt look at 2v2 and SS rep but for 3s where it actually matters thats a bit low no?


MM is the terror of casual pvp due to sniper and the already insane range. In example, a MM can sit on top of a wall in a EBG, and pick people off while being completely untouchable. That’s usually where the complaints come from, as that advantage doesn’t translate well to arena.


MM is super fun in ebgs yet for any other form of pvp it’s just way too squishy and lacks mobility so it doesn’t really make an impact; doing any other content as a MM Hunter is just painful… Your damage gets punished A LOT if you dare to make a slight mistake on your “rotation”.

MM really needs love right now. We are bleeding


What is the meta spec for Hunter PvP atm? I just got back into Bgs as my hunter and was playing Survival. It seemed pretty good.

Everyone wants bm but surv is pretty good too atm

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I’m not that experienced on my hunter yet, I haven’t really pvp’d on it much since wrath, and just came back to enjoying Survival, but have been playing multiple classes/roles any where up to glad level since BC, so take my opinion from the little I’ve played in DF since coming back:

Arena isn’t really a great area for MM to shine, BM does fairly well, but they are in an odd spot depending on rating, and survival has so much potential to do well, but I think the main contributing factor to why hunters are less represented in 3’s now is not that they’re bad, or awful in some way, but they’ve been slightly left behind as far as dps classes are concerned in the sense that there’s been so many buffs/new abilities/cds on the majority of classes that the kit isn’t as strong as it once was.

Hunters defensive abilities are still great, but not as great as the new tools that have been added to the game for most classes (Melee uptime is wild). Survival has a super fun kit to be able to weave in and out of melee range while still keeping up good mid/ranged pressure, but with how mobile things are in the game right now, it’s much more difficult to pick your melee battles.

I know I have much to improve on with survival, so I’ll continue to work on that, but like a few other classes that are not really ‘self sufficient’ (as in, doesn’t need to be baby sat with heals constantly to stay in fights), they aren’t AS good as a more self sufficient class like what we see near the top of the ladders. Removing a good amount of the healing that DPS/hybrid tank and dps classes have would help many things in the game right now because we saw the same thing happen when things like recuperate were added to the game where non-hybrid (dps-tank classes rather than dps-healer-x classes) became incredibly strong, and now we have things like dh that can heal consistently and in massive chunks.

Bit of a ramble, apologies

Seems like a legitimate answer. Hunter damage is very good till trained correctly by other players together. Then half globals go into survival mode. So yah i can see that. One thing i agree with mainly is that hunter needs an extremely good healer to survive and finish games. Feels lacking in self sufficiency. Like bad healer equals bad hunter. Good healer equals good to great hunter. To relient on healer unlike dh and some others.

This is a game where people can turn invisible in broad daylight. Got ranged by a ranger? Ok.

I remember stacking mastery with N’zoth (and he kept giving it to me!). Sniper was like over 80 yards if I remember correctly. It was awesome haha


Hunter is punishing in the bad brackets because they never fix the class. It has so many fundamental flaws in pvp that are ignored.

They just tune up damage until it deletes noobs that don’t know how to click buttons and BM is brain dead to play.

At high gameplay, hunters are usually one of the worst classes in the top pvp brackets. It’s played more in eu because it surprisingly does well into rogue / mage and there are a lot of them on eu.

Hunter needs a massive overhaul to make it more competitive and nerfs to other kits.

The problem with wow players is that they’ve determined from 20 years ago which specs are allowed to be top tier in pvp and which aren’t. Rogues, mages, druids, priests, warriors, warlocks can all be top tier with no complaint because they were seen on the good teams back in the day. People perceive those classes as the pinnacle of skill when I’d argue sv hunter is harder than most of them. If hunter is top tier, you can believe it’s getting nerfed for sure and quickly.


This is total crap. The fact of the matter is that there really is not that much difference in difficulty between the classes and the specs - period.

Continuous “Brain Dead” posts by disgruntled individuals (such as the one above) are the only reason perpetuated myths such as this continue to see the light of day.

If a such a class/spec actually existed in high level raids/pvp, then everyone would be playing it.


I play mage and hunter and i would 100% say BM hunter is easier than most casters to a large degree and he is a mage so maybe thats why? Mages are quite tricky to play in solo shuffle imo.


I don’t play Mage, so can’t speak to their complexity, but 2/3 of Warlock specs are easier than BM. I would say Demo is the only one that might be harder. Ele Shaman and Shadow Priest are about the same as BM. Of course, that is just my experience and subjective opinion. That’s not to say BM is difficult, because it’s not. I would say it’s on par with most specs in a game that prides itself on being accessible to everyone.

Some people just hate that they have a hard time running away from BM Hunters, who can do their full rotation while chasing you. Is this a problem with BM? I would say it’s an issue with most people not knowing how to properly line of sight them. BM is probably one of the easiest specs in the game to lock down, but it requires knowledge of how to do that.

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I would say mage is likely one of the most difficult dps classes to play in solo shuffle.

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I used to think mage was difficult till in the 3 days i played it i got to 1850 or 1900 in legion. Ill admit no exp on this xpac with mage but if its anything like legion its no harder. Then everyone said mm so much harder and in around 2 days i hit 2100 as mm in early dragonflight. Thats when i realized no spec is hard till you climb higher in rating. Then you start seeing the class become more micro managy. Every class can have different floors and cielings to its skill level and tricks you need to learn. I think most classes have an easy spec and a more difficult in general but none are face roll to the top. And i dont mean top as top rating in general as some classes may be worse or better in some metas. I mean top as in ur the top 1-10 bm hunter or top 1-10 mage out of the 3v3 ladder. Skill is abstract from rating unless ur comparing player to player in the same spec. One season a 3.6k rated bm hunter might be equal to a 3k warlock or vise versa dependant on comfort in the meta. But at 3600 no class is absolutely easy and the player isnt clueless. But bm will always have a bad name. Somehow demo and unholy dk somehow skip the pet ai judgement as specs. Hunter will always be the most judged class from vanilla on even at 2900 ss i was still hearing im just a huntard. Ull never be anything but that as bm no matter the tricks you learn to get there. 1 hunter in the top 120 players of the united states leader boards and even though that bm hunter is the only one making it work hell still just be a dumb huntard who doesnt belong in the meta by 1200 rated players or 3600 rated players. Ur always just a bm hunter at the end of the day right

I like your transmog!

Like heck it doesn’t. World’s Fastest Oneshots. Cashmeowside, Howbohdah, and all the other bhad bhabies.

It does involve simulcast play, but once you got that down you’d be taking down R1’s all day.

This is the best PvP school of Hunter that has ever existed.

World’s Fastest Oneshots! - YouTube


What do you think of those videos? Want to get 2k easy?

Please put down the drugs


Actually, that’s one way to make it more challenging. It’s already too easy to mbox MM sober once you get the fundamentals down. You have to demonstrate you can do it first being on the level. I can’t speak to Cash’s personal habits though, but if he’s mellowed out he still smashes it.

I know you’re trying to troll anyway, but it’s a worthwhile point to make. A druggie can get 2k in a Bhad Bhabie comp.