<One More Pull> | T/Th 8-1030PM EST | AotC Guild | 2/9M


Raid Days/Time: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 10:30pm EST

Current Progression: Amirdrassil 9/9H, 2/9M

Recruitment Contact: Rhews(discord), Mollotov(discord)

Application: Reach out on Discord, or you can apply at GuildsOfWoW.

Needs: Need a couple DPS to fill out our roster, preferably a DH. DPS with a tank or heal offspec would be great!

Requirements: We expect applicants to have a similar mindset to ourselves - level headed, come prepared to raids, know your class, and have good raid attendance. Most importantly, though, is attitude; we’re looking for people who want to hang out, have fun, and kill bosses in a relaxed, enjoyable, atmosphere.

Goals: We are first and foremost a casual AotC guild, we achieved AotC all tiers in SL and DF. We dabble in Mythic later in the season; Mythic progression is kept mostly lighthearted, we’re not trying to push CE.

About Us:

was formed on Zul’jin during 9.0.5 after our core group transferred from a mostly dead server. The guild is comprised of chill, working adults looking to achieve AotC and KSM each tier in a fun environment - raiding and keys are something enjoyable we do in our free-time, not a stressful second job. We enjoy hanging out in disc, banter, and the occasional drunken alt raid.

That said, we expect all of our members to come prepared for success. Have a general understanding of the fights, items gemmed and enchanted, etc. Constructive criticism should be received and implemented in a productive manner. Standard fare for a casual AotC guild.

As mentioned, we are all chill adults. No raging will be tolerated. We’re all people and make mistakes; and those mistakes need to be dealt with constructively.

Our guild is a place where we want all of our members to feel comfortable. There is zero tolerance for any racist, homophobic, sexist, creepy, or otherwise discriminating or prejudiced conduct.

Mythic dribbling, come join us!

Still need a few DPS! Tank offspec would be a plus.

Bumping it up! Message if interested!

Bump! Still looking for the right person(s) to join us!

come one, come all!

Recruiting for 10.1!

Needing more dps!

Come join us for 10.1!

gimme those dps

Getting close to AotC! Have a couple spots before moving into Mythic!

Bumping it up! Need some deeps!

Need a couple more DPS to start Mythic! Come join us!

Interested. Let me know

Hello! I was curious if you are still looking for a few dps raiders and M+? I sent you a friends request on discord too.

Come join us for 10.2!

Druid resto // bommy

Have a couple spots left! Reach out on discord - rhews.

Messaged one of your guys in game and his Bigwigs went off. I tried messaging him back a few minutes later and they were offline lol.

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Reach out on discord, its the best way to get ahold of us! Rhews or Mollotov