One Month (Good-bye From Loncis)

I reactivated my subscription on the first of December and terminated it when I decided I wasn’t enjoying it any more. And the WoW program tells me I have 21 hours left. So, I guess my experiment is coming to an end.

I wanted to see how much I could collect in terms of pet things in just one month.

So, in one month, I’ve collected the following, doing just BfA, getting no help from my other toons, from the dailies in BfA (and the daily pet battle and quest that rewarded 10 leveling stones from my Garrison), the missions that awarded pet charms, from the occasional chest and one or two quests that rewarded pet charms:

1,379 Polished Pet Charms.
215 Shiny Pet Charms (from the Draenor circuit).
2 Ultimate Battle Training Stones (I leveled up Garrisons for two toons).
18 Marked Flawless Battle Stones
8 Fel-Touched Battle Training Stones
81 Flawless Battle Training Stones (from the Draenor circuit mostly)
8 Aquatic
4 Undead
18 Magic
6 Flying
14 Elemental
17 Dragon
12 Critter
5 Mechanical
18 Humanoid
11 Beast
380 bandages. Those are the only items I used. I just hoarded the rest.

That’s quite a collection for one month. If I my pets were suddenly dropped to level one, I could probably level enough pets to complete every dungeon and the Celestial Tournament (with healing allowed in between dungeons, of course).

My play style, when I first came into pet battling, was too much hoarding and not availing myself of the stuff I had. I just collected leveling stones, but I would have saved myself a ton of time if I used them. There’s really no longer much reason to do the Draenor and Pandaren Circuits (except for the Draenor quest when you are awarded 10 leveling stones for completion).

And why was I doing this? I was never going to receive 100 pets all at once that needed immediate leveling. So, now that I’m done, I’m just going to the AH to buy up some pets that seem promising, and use these stones.

For once, I’m going to use my resources. Not waste hours like I used to, doing to the Draenor Circuit and the Pandaria Circuit. Why was I spending hours levelling pets when I could have done it in seconds?

And the single thing I’m most proud of?

I wrote the top-rated Critter Strat in Xu-Fu for defeating Kwint in BfA (Not So Bad Down Here). I still use it every time I fight Kwint and it hasn’t failed me yet. (Although some on Xu-Fu will insist they tried it a dozen times and my strat doesn’t work. Whatever. I use it every time and it hasn’t failed me yet. More likely, they didn’t follow the guidelines I left, and are blaming the strat. Be faster than 260 and do not use S/S. Get the best power stat you can find, while staying faster than 260.)

Take care, everyone. May all your turtles make it to the water.