One Last Wrath Era Thread

I’m pretty sure this will just fall on deaf ears but we’re desperate so here’s one more attempt to get Wrath servers before its too late. We might not be able to stop the apocayplse’s advance but we can damn well try.

I played Cataclysm when it originally launched. It sucked. Its gonna suck again so I would really prefer to stay in Wrath. I know the classic era players are happy as clams running AQ40 and Naxx over and over. Why can’t we have that for our game?

The fact that the prepatch annoucement listed off all the things that would disappear permanently without even a mention of Wrath era really felt like a punch in the gut.

Classic was supposed to preserve the old game and preserving the final state of the game before everything was overhauled should have been top prioirty but now we’re just repeating history.

And I personally, have not even done everything I wanted to do in Wrath. I only have 21 shards and I still have to do the infusion quests because every pug I’ve been in can’t make it past PP for whatever reason and with a time limit of 3 weeks, I won’t be able to. Its just not going to happen. So I can’t even say I properly finished Wrath.

People should be able to play at their own pace for as long as they want. That’s what Classic should have been. Its so demoralizing to see things like Aggrend tweeting out that he got his shadowmourne or someone got a second one on an alt. Like, that’s cool that you’ve got an entire guild supporting you but most of us don’t have that luxury and will be left in the dust on the 30th. Its completely anti-consumer and only benefits the “If you’re not first, your last” crowd.

If you want Cataclysm, that’s cool. I’m happy for you and all. But for everyone like me who originally quit the game when Cata came out and will do so again, please let us keep our game this time. Its so frustrating that we even have to fight to keep playing it in the first place but here we are. The most frustrating part was when Aggrend said they coudln’t stop premade BG groups because you can’t tell people “you can’t do that anymore.” while simultaneously telling us we can’t play Wrath anymore.

I unsubbed yesterday when I heard the annoucement and I won’t be giving Blizz another cent unless we get Wrath era as they no longer will be offering the service I originally subbed for. The promise that they could “one day bring it back” doesn’t work for me since I already spent so many hours on my character and I don’t want to start over. If Wrath era isn’t announced before the 30th, WoW is just over for me. This time for good.


Quoted for truth.
The rest of this post is just as fine and true, only this sentence is like: Yeah, That’s how I feel too!


Ugh, I feel all this. I want Burning Crusade back, the same way you want Wrath to stay. I honestly thought the original intent of “Classic” was to stop the private servers. But now people are once again flocking to them.

I think Blizzard underestimates people’s desire to play the exact same content over and over. lol BC would definitely be my forever game. I’d honestly just park and play there forever.

There is no current version of the game I truly enjoy, all for different reasons. It sucks that I’m paying for a six month subscription but am playing EQII FTP. :confused:


EQ2 launching a new origins classic server looks good with the OG alignment system too

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You know, EQII continues to surprise me. You could never run out of stuff to do, even as a solo player. Their crafting and player housing can be a huge time sink (in a fun way!).

But to prove my point even further, in regards to people playing the same content, there are still people playing the original Everquest! Project 1999 is no joke.

If I could respectfully ask Blizzard a few questions, I’d ask why they originally launched Vanilla classic in the first place? What were the intentions and goals? And do those reasons still hold true today? Why or why not?

But yeah, ffs please let us play the version of the game we want to play! :frowning:


I have no dog in this race (WotLK-Cata), but I wish they’d taken a little more curatorial approach to all this from the start.

The official Classic project was midwived by skepticism, and we were all warned repeatedly that it would be a huge failure.

Blizz took the money and the praise, maybe ate a little crow, and kept the Classic xpacs coming, but they didn’t seem to lose that expectation that we prodigal sons would someday realize we didn’t want what we thought we did, and finally come home to retail and the trading post for good.

Even as they’ve maintained and expanded Classic, it’s always felt like they’re hedging against its continued success. We could all make it a lot easier for them if we’d just stop having so much fun.


This is wonderfully written.

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Well said. :laughing:

Even in Retail, I always enjoyed the Burning Crusade content the most, and the Blood Elves and Draenei in particular. The original Vanilla game combined with the Blood Elves, Draenei, guild banks, jewelcrafting, etc. always seemed like the perfect sweet-spot.

This in my own observation: Vanilla is greater than WotLK and easily greater than everything after WotLK. TBC is Vanilla+ to me. Most of the original game is there, yet a little bit more to round out the game without hurting it.

When TBC was announced after the success of Classic, I was so happy that there would be permanent TBC servers up and running and I could play on TBC for as long as I wanted to. I was shocked when they said they wouldn’t leave up TBC when WotLK was announced. I was very disappointed by that decision from Blizzard.

I’m still hoping that they change their minds this summer. The 2 months left on my sub might not get noticed when it runs out, but who knows?


i have a 58 druid and 50 cleric and 49 enchanter on 1999. lol

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I tried to play original EQ, but it was just too unforgiving! lol

yeah the secret is druid. you can solo with them as soon as you get sow, dots, snare and roots. then you can gate people and earn enough to gear up alts