Once again, where is the race change?

We’re actually being trolled at this point. I don’t understand other than greed on Blizzard’s end why race change isn’t available to us yet. If there wasn’t a cooldown on faction transferring, I would have already done it twice, despite not wanting to feed into the greed.

Please, I have to understand why it’s easier to become a Human if you’re an Orc, than if you’re a Gnome… just release it already. We will pay.


Agreed. Blizzard is despicable. Bring out race changes immediately and at least try and save some face. Who the hell wants to wait a month and pay 60 dollars just to race change?! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Bring out race changes immediately.

its been datamined on the PTR and the client updated so its in
they just need to flip the switch


Blizzard just doesn’t give a crap about this game or its players. Everything they do is ages behind, minimum effort, probably only done for legal obligations.


Not disagreeing with you, but I’m curious about your logic. How is it greedy to offer faction change and not race change when there’s a 30 day cooldown? Surely if this was all for the money they’d offer it unlimitedly without a cooldown, no?

Again, not arguing with me, I also agree that Blizzard is trash and super greedy but the logic used here is something I don’t personally understand. “Let me just PO a bunch of people and make them wait to to race change, that’ll get me all the money.”

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one theory is they are seeing who buys 2 faction changes. 1 after the cd cooks off to be the original faction but new race.

seems valid. this is in theory the same code from the last time. even with #nochanges this should work like last time.

wintergrasp now instanced, lfg…should not be affected here. they don’t care if tomorrow my night elf was a human tomorrow lol. nor should most of the 3.3.5 code.

other theory is this baits more +1 accounts. new account, new boost, fix up a new 70 is easier than a level 1.

they just need to give race change and/or unlimited boosts. they didn’t like their 58% bonus. okay… the amount of they money have turned away would have at least got that to 75% lol.

I agree it seems weird that we can’t do it, but why are so many people up in arms about it? If you don’t like your race sure it sucks, but it’s not preventing you from playing the game in any way.

Because we were told before wotlk launched they would be offering faction and race change and now we are almost half way through being told its too hard we cant quite figure it out when its likely been ready since the start…

This is your answer. They offered transfers. If free transfers were NOT offered, the community wouldn’t transfer off in droves. Us players don’t have the data, Blizzard does. They shouldn’t have allowed Skyfury to get so big that it would need free transfers off to begin with.

Yes I get that, it does seem a bit silly on Blizzards part, but reading the forums it sometimes seems like there’s huge mass of people just desperate to do all these race changes, which seems weird :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems like they wanted to release it in waves to maximize earnings - if they dropped both people would choose one or the other and be done. They decided faction first and seems like it wasnt enough income because people also needed to pay for a transfer because when faction changing you would end up on the dead side of your realm… thats why they gave free transfers to the 4 mega realms and within days the EU transfers shut down… the ally players mass migrated to horde so quickly they got want they desired there and the ally realm they all left from got unlocked totally lol… race change is coming soon its just a matter of how long but im suspecting we will see them close the free transfers between the US mega realms faerlina/benediction first… people made their choices of the characters they played based on blizzard saying they were giving us faction/race… those people arnt as screwed by blizzard as the people who took the free transfers off mega realms on launch to avoid que but they are being ignored none the less

The other end of that is that they know people will transfer to the dead side of their realm with no one to play with and then have to pay to xfer those same characters off to a lesser pop realm ( if you came from a large one ) and then maybe at some point later on theyll remove restrictions and youll pay to go to a main realm.

its all a money grab… someone give them some more money so we can get this done

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some want to.

Too late now for some like me but a few months back unlimited boosts could have maybe greased some wheels for Bobby to give at least 75% bonus.

someone on team classic is still thinking a zerg rush of sub 60 leveling will happen in this game. hahahahaha, no. I don’t think cata will change that either.

Worgen and goblins aren’t exactly topping the charts for race population in retail. And most of the races lower in numbers have reasons.

most are Allied races. new players can’t even make them to try them out. so that limits their numbers.

Gnomes and dwarve are the only OG race they beat out.

Can only speak for my perspective, I’ve collected a lot with this toon here. I’ve got lots of reps, 75+ mini pets, loremaster etc etc. Now there was a point in time where I was in the process of rerolling a different hunter and re-earn stuff (I was way less progressed collection wise then), but then they said we would get race change so that we could keep playing our toons that we had gotten the cool stuff on so I then just went full in and worked on more collection stuff; more achievements, more pets, more rep etc. Now I feel kind of pissed off, cus here I am not playing the race I’d like to be - not because I wasn’t willing to reroll, but because I stopped due to the promise of “race change will come”. No it’s not the end of the world, but it does sour my gameplay. Had I known that it would take at least this long I wouldn’t have finished long big rep grinds or loremaster on this hunter.


losing your sleep over a game racial

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go roll the race you want and stop whining about getting race change. jesus. you will end up 80 and geared faster than waiting on blizzard.

Yeah fair enough.

Who said they’re losing sleep? Just because you’re annoyed about something in game, even to the point of posting on the forums about it, doesn’t mean it’s really affecting your real life in anyway.

we were told no chance there would be race/faction change and that was what it was… few weeks later they change their minds and said we would get them. people did reroll in that time and they stopped when they changed their minds… now we are almost half way through and have only gotten faction change with zero communication on race change. stop white knighting for blizzard and understand why people are annoyed with the lack of accountability and respect blizzard has for their player base