On the Topic of Banning GDKPs

This is called PR my little guy. You say that to make people believe they care about you.
They care about facts: does it work or not

does the blue post say anything about restricting feedback until February 8th?

Does the blue post say they will change it before the 8th?

No, it specifically says LATER IN THE SEASON.

Which you deleted from the quote so you don’t look bad.

and if the facts show restriction doesn’t work, GDKPs will return.


I doubt they will return ever.

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well the blue post expressly acknowledges that GDKPs do serve a positive purpose in the game

There is a small chance that they return it a some point sure. But if you believe that gdkp does not have an immediately impact on gold buying and botting then… idk how to open your eyes

the restriction hasn’t yet been implemented, there is no data showing whether either side is correct here.

You are not going to accomplish anything by spamming about a change they said is happening and won’t be reversed (if at all) until later in the season.

We are talking months not days bro.

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You can check gold prices on third party websites. You have your data there.
The prices are already changing because people that buy in advance have cancelled it lol

i am allowed to give my feedback to blizzard as blizzard stated that they would accept feedback.

this is a public forum and i’m here to let blizzard know that i believe GDKPs are good for the game because it allows players agency over their loot progression without being tied to a raid or set schedule, just as the blue post acknowledged.

i would like to provide my feedback that i agree with the blue post’s statement here.

You’ve given it already.

You are now spamming.

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It also allows rmt

Well, I would posit that if thousands and thousands of unique players posted on the forums against the ban - blizzard would probably notice and maybe even reverse it.

But I find the entire thing completely comical and am much more interested to see the impacts of GDKP ban and community micromanagement. So I fully support letting it play out :slight_smile:

Its mostly just gold buyers and gdkp leaders that keep posting with alts or second accounts

No they won’t because they wouldn’t have proposed this change if they felt the majority of people didn’t want it.

Some vocal minority is not going to reverse this decision before the 8th or even soon there after.

Well sometimes you don’t realize how many people you will upset until you actually do the action.

Most GDKP were probably not vocal pre ban on the forums and reddit. But when they get told they cannot do it, or get bad SR / MS > OS / LC runs, or have to farm for gold - they may find themselves having a reason to be more vocal on these platforms.

well i would like to elaborate on my prior feedback.

GDKPs don’t only allow busy players a more direct form of loot progression, it also gives other players a means to earn gold doing something that they find to be fun and enjoyable.

It is not a secret that all players need gold to successfully raid: you need consumables, repair bills, etc.

Some people enjoy farming herbs, some people find mining relaxing, some people enjoy playing the AH and reselling lower priced goods.

While those activities may be fun for some people, other players may not find them to be as enjoyable.

So what do players do to earn gold if the only activity they enjoy is raiding? Well, players would join a GDKP, help to carry the run and earn gold in the process.

Now the player who enjoys raiding was able to earn gold by raiding and the player’s experience with Season Of Discovery was more positive as a result of the GDKP.

rmt copers out here thinking if they wail loud enough blizz will just cancel this :dracthyr_crylaugh:

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You are confusing form threads with how many people are upset.

It’s the same people spamming the forums on their alts. No one believes you guys are this mad.

It’s always the same few people in every thread also.

The change is happening and you can’t stop it.


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