On the Topic of Banning GDKPs

Thats not how it works mate.
Just saying no and disregarding facts is not what we call an argument but rather a kid doesn’t understand reality. Feels like you’re underaged. Are you even allowed to play wow?

i very likely won’t start playing on the 8th, i have other obligations to attend to in real life. not sure exactly when i will start levelling.

have a lovely evening, friend :slight_smile:

Ok see you on the 8th when GDKPs willl be banned.


well we shall see as blizzard receives feedback from their playerbase regarding this issue.

thank you so much for your wonderful contributions to this thread this evening.

Yeah so see you on the 8th when GDKPs will still be banned.

well that will be for blizzard to decide.

but if you ask me… i dont see the difference between a player buying a raid carry in retail using wow gold purchased with a wow token and players using gold in season of discovery to buy gear.

so i don’t understand why they would ban one but not the other.

I didn’t ask you.

On the 8th GDKPs are banned.

It’s literally stickied at the top of the forum and hasn’t changed.


actually, the mythic raid in Dragonflight drops some pretty powerful gear, ilvl 489, which is the highest ilvl attainable in the game currently.

these BoEs can be bought on the Auction House for gold…so even if people aren’t buying raid carries with gold, they can still just straight out buy the gear from the auction house with gold.

personally, my opinion is that blizzard will eventually implement the wow token in season of discovery same as they have in retail and wotlk classic.

GDKPs banned on the 8th


what would your opinion be on the subject of blizzard adding the wow token to season of discovery, my friend?

I’m not interested in discussing anything with you.

I’m informing you that the policy isn’t changing and there is nothing you can do about it before the 8th and probably for months after the 8th.

You posting 100x doesn’t equal 100 instances of feedback.

It’s only worth 1.

You have given feedback many times. There is nothing else you can say to clarify your position.

Token is a completely different topic. Banning a loot distribution system is different to adding an entire ecosystem

anyways, i must say goodbye for now. it is getting quite late and i must get up early in the morning for my real life responsibilities.

i do look forward to your response and being given the opportunity to further discuss why it would be beneficial for blizzard to add the wow token to season of discovery.

have a lovely evening my friend :slight_smile:

Ok see ya on the 8th when GDKPs are still banned then.

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do take some time to ponder the benefits of adding a wow token to season of discovery, i believe you will find out that you will enjoy it.

it works perfectly in retail and the wow token also works perfectly in wotlk classic.

i think it would be fantastic for season of discovery.

bye bye for now, my wonderful friend :slight_smile:

look forward to our further discussions on the wow tokens.

See ya on the 8th when GDKPs are banned.

This means you can’t do GDKPs.

This means you have to farm gold.

This means you have to compete for gear.

This means you may not get anything from a raid.

See you on the 8th friend :smile:

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think about how much money blizzard will make if they were to implement the wow token in season of discovery.

i think it will do wonders for season of discovery to have so much more income rolling through season of discovery, they could really spend alot of resources developing new content if the wow token were implemented to season of discovery.

have a lovely evening, i must really get to sleep now, i have to wake up early.

take care, friend :slight_smile:

Still looking forward to seeing you on the 8th when GDKPs will be banned.

It should be a fun time.


You sir, are a troll. That is all.

but if gdkp’s are banned… he might have to farm if he wants consumes, or even go get prebis on an alt if he wants to get it into a decent raid :scream:

clearly this is unacceptable and blizz should cancel the GDKP ban immediately

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