Oldschool Spirestone Progression?

Hi I played on spirestone back in the day and am wondering, didn’t malicious the horde guild down KT before addiction the alliance guild? Or did malicious even down KT. Can anyone possibly clear this up for me?

Neither guild killed KT before BC launched. We had several pulls that were sub 20%, but never secured the kill. In fact, we were trying diligently to get the kill before BC went live.

We were literally raiding up until the time people logged off to pick up their BC pre-orders at midnight.

Thanks for the reply. Nice to see an OG still kicking it.

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Pretty sure it was C’thun that malicious got before addiction. Could be wrong though.

IIRC, we got C’thun before Malicious did. I’ll ask a couple other old timers.


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Either way awesome guilds on both sides made the server great.

Lead. Still around? This is Exhale.