Older BB guilds

Anyone from Relentless Few or Thorns of the Black Rose still kicking around?

I signed back up. Catch me on Doyle or Pacifico.
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Going to play classic?

Hey Dixie!

I’m 101 and still getting used to things in Pandaria. We’ll see what the future holds. Talked to Nakhtitis and Balthadon briefly a few weeks ago too. Hope things are well.

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I’m kinda around

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Straw Hat Pirates is still around and raiding. A few of us from Vanilla are still playing as well. Duskhawk, Drebian, Fearoth, Ruffian, Frosk and myself. Though, I played Megacow back in Vanilla.


DarkMindMike here, Tauren Shaman, i was in Thorns for a long time and also in The relentless few. I remember you.

DarkMindMike,Tauren shaman, i was in Thorns for a long time and also in relentless few.

I found this thread from way back when. Just checking in to see if anyone still plays here from the classic days.