Old Warrior Looking for Raiding/PvP Guild

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my thread.

I will keep it brief. Basically Im a Alliance Warrior on Whitemane, Looking for a raiding guild that needs DPS or Tank. And likes to pvp.

Been playing wow since 06. So just before TBC and stuff. Did a lot of hardcore raiding as a holy paladin through Wrath and into cata. Pretty casual due to what the game has turned into after Firelands.

Because Im a solo player it was really hard at Classic launch to keep up with the player base with the content. Being forced tank pugged groups I missed out on a lot of the loot that would get me noticed by guilds. I ended up falling behind, and now before Naxx and TBC I am trying to get back into the dive of things.

Want to keep it chill and relaxed this time around. Just clearing content and killing horde with the loot. And Give back to the community by helping others gear out.

Im pretty open on my times to do stuff. Though I avoid Late night activities…Even though its 1am at the moment Im making this.

My time is Server Time, and my warrior name is Mitchel. Super original.

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Our Evening Team is looking for 1 DPS if you are interested [A] [STING] 9/9 AQ T/TH Morning & Evening Teams. 10a-1p/7p-10p PST LF 1xDPS 1xHeals

Check us out

Love to have you!