Old Vashj: MoP Edition

I miss Provocative, Orcs with Abs, EMike, Peppor, Galv, Bostons, Xerani, Pivit, Solheim, Way, Raaverus.

All the garbage tier PvPer’s like Weldog, Winterz, Thuggie, Moonwater, Fluffypaws.

Where did we all go? Crazy how much time has passed since Timeless isle censor killing for hours with Emike. Selling Cmodes and buying spectral tigers on Illidan. I really look back on those times as the best times I have had in Wow. Thanks for being a part of it.



That’s tough talk coming from 2nd best DK on Vashj. God I miss camping Emike, Orcs with Abs, and Horde Bloodbound. You will always be a scuffed Sfer, Yurim.


I feel really left out…
MoP Vashj was the best WoW experience.
I miss watching Emike get beat by every other lock on the server.
I miss Ramboknight the king of swifty macros and duels…
Fluffy ganking Shrine was always something to be aware of.
Best WoW

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Who??? EMOGALULIKE? Washed up PUBG PLAYER??? Pretty sure he owes these forums a few post and screenshots of lost duels.


I’m flattered that you remember me, but who are you @Yurim?

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your mogs all still suck. some things never change

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Yurim, thanks for putting me in your memories. I have left the game. I also miss the old days, seeing the horde that I grew to love. Emike will be a name I never forget, Emdee will always be the horde I blew kisses to in passing, Winterz will always be a healer, I could go on and on. My Alliance people are always in my heart. I am glad to have made so many memories with all of you



It never got old watching you iceblock when someone glanced at you, MOP will forever be the best xpac because of the tight nit community we had on this realm. Still don’t know who this Yurim guy is though.


MOP Vashj pre merge was great. Community was awesome. Very active and lots of characters. So much world pvp.
I played here briefly as a priest along with my brother who was a hunter. Malibug and Agimat.

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All these kiddies forget about the BC/Wrath glory days, but the OGs remember. Long before B!tchBound or Emicky, TBI, Odin’s Court, Stormwind Raiders, WoWs Most Wanted, Alliance Revolution, etc. fought the good fight. Mists was good, but Wrath was the golden age… for me at least… because it’s where it all started.

Then came the Frostwolf merger along with Warlords and everything went to hell. Ah well.

Years ago I was gonna make a post like this shouting out my favorite people I’ve met on this server through the years… Herlock, Weldog, Kurwiarz, Moonwater, Jaladon, Gothamcruex etc. I could go on.

But I’ll just say fook Metalmaniac and BetaBound… then, now & forever. :slight_smile:

P.S. Yurim I hope you had fun when you came out to do our dueling prize fight event. Was a pleasure calling your fight and always fun to watch you in action.

P.S.S. The only thing BloodBound ever held in WPvP was the Elwynn Graveyard. It’s why they switched to Alliance.

P.S.S.S. Alliance Revolution won the Cold War because y’all wouldn’t go back to Horde and make it an actual war. We transferred off the server so you could bring back the corpse of BB, Winterz. You’re welcome. Stay in RBGs where you’re safe and can maintain that 1500 rating.


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1500 rating? Lmfao. Bruh. I got hero last season . You don’t even have the 1100 private achievement .

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LOL, Emike, man do I remember that name. And Prittykitty, Skyde, Clyde

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remember when prittykitty said she was a doctor going to africa to cure some children but then was actually infiltrating bloodbound on an alt the whole time and detective sfer caught her in the act

the good ole days ~

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Man oh man… this was a hell of a flashback thread. I remember a ton of the people mentioned. lol. <3

Back then I was Bellinne, or Minibell, depending on which char I was on. Hope this server is still fun.

I have so many fond memories of being murdered by these people. I always wonder to myself what happened to Marlahoover.

I miss being Horde. Used to be Liselinda here.

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Heyyyyyy. Yeah I was just talking with some old vashj people and decided to google old forums and found this. I miss it too man.