Old timer returning

Trying to get back into WoW. Played the game back 2005/2006 when it first came out. Life came along and you know the rest of the story. I’ve tried a few times to get back into trying retail for a while but it just didn’t feel the same. So here I am…

Any “mature” older player guilds out there willing to accept a new player? I’m thinking about starting on Old Blanchy

Rumor has it that this server may be struggling. I believe Pagle, Westfall are doing well for Alliance, and Mankirk for Horde (if I’m mistaken, I’m sure someone will correct me.)

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Check out Old School. We’re rerolling from Level 1 this Friday for Wrath. Half the guild is over 40.


Hi, we have an alliance guild on Atiesh. We consist of mostly older folks, couples, parents, even a couple in their 70’s! We are a casual/dadcore type raiding guild that strives to down content but maintain a fun, easy going atmosphere. We are currently still working our way through BT but are prepping for Wrath so there is no rush to level. If you want to check us out a bit feel free to make a toon on Atiesh and join us then you can read through our discord and see how it feels :slight_smile:

You can reach me on discord to chat more if you like :slight_smile: Spankmeplzz#5638

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The lil gnome is right. Anyone who makes a post called Old Timer Returning would fit right in with us old timers. I can’t promise mature but older we got.

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We are not on Old Bl;anchy but Mankrik… and we are all older folks Im 25… cough 48 and play with my husband and have many others around the same age floating about. casual laid back multi game community.