Old schooler came back after an 9 year break

I played on Argent Dawn from 2005 to 2010. I was in the clan “The Renamed” in vanilla. I stopped progression in TBC. Kind of just tried different classes and chilled. I played a druid named Mushinjo and reached rank 12 in some “The Renamed” groups and in some of Grand Marshal Sibyls groups. I havent seen anybody firmilir since ive been back this year, outside of trixxie still selling in local trades just like she did 13 years ago. If you played back then or know where some of the older toons have gone please drop a line or two here as i am trying to find some of them. Thank you all the same.



I vaguely remember you from the rank pushing days. Anyone have plans for Classic from vanilla AD?

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I heard Grobbulous is where it’s gonna be at, or Bloodsail Buccaneers

I also played on AD - Jezii Nelf Priest :slight_smile: Also on Sibyls team :slight_smile: How goes it?!
Playing Classic on Whitemane Alliance - Jezii :stuck_out_tongue: Lol


I played on AD in vanilla. Belfort Dwarven Rogue. I use to play Esotarious all the time back then. Don’t know if he’s on AD anymore. I don’t know if anyone from back then still plays on AD. I remember Dark Paradigm and Black Phoenix on Ally and, Schadenfreude and Brotherhood of the Blade. God Battlegrounds were so fun back then. Sorry for hijacking your thread with my nostalgia.

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Did a quick search on The Renamed and looks like im a little late to the party. I was in The Renamed '06-08 and ran with the crew through most of Sunwell as some variant of Clam, Clamchoder, Onchodio as a Mage. A few of you seem familiar and some of the names that I’m remembering from that squad:
Luminous, Dermarc, Drauz, Nagano, Keystone, Lomiel, Eonmesce, Milarkie, Polarim… probably a bunch more I could come up with. If any of you guys are still playing, I booted a mage back up on Sulfuras. Would love to play together again.

Hey, it’s Asheraen from The Renamed, I played from vanilla -> ulduar in wotlk as a holy paladin (and occasionally prot). I play on Rattlegore Classic now.

Definitely remember Onchodio and a lot of other other names you referenced, like the mages Drauz and Nagano, Lomiel and Eonmesce rogues, Corjen’s feral druid, Ozu the priest, Karashote (I think a shaman?) the other paladins were folks like Jacobson, etc.

I have no idea if anyone else from The Renamed is still around/playing.

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I remember Mushinjo.
I remember Beastfeast.
Man it has been a long time. I ran one of the horde side teams opposite of Mushinjo at the same time. That grind was brutal.

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