Old School Wildhammer

Reddbull checking in. Was Tauren Hunter back in the day until the end of cata when i went alli and moved to KT due to server being dead. Cant wait for Classic to see who all comes back.

Long time so see Wildhammer friends

Is that reddbull!!

Spex checking in. Creeping Doom forever


Anyone have Glorin or Wambulance contact info? Trying to find them. Some of us from old school BBZ will be rolling horde on Whitemane in (warsong vanguard) which is an active BFA guild on Tichondrius. There will be a classic guild as well.

Who else from BBZ is there?

Rorr checking in, was a high pitched voice 12 year old troll warrior. I’m all grown up now guys!

Pavel, you and Tas playing classic? What server!?

I actually came back for classic, started up this weekend. I’ll be trying to recreate my vanilla character (with the exception i’ll be an orc this time around.)

See if the HWL Grind is as enjoyable as I remember. :wink:

  • Tank
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Chucknasty and Scketch.
Hi, Tank, Raiyn, Neown, Sweatypants and Forcemaster!

<~~~ Scketch <333


Pallacious of Synergized here :slight_smile: Coming back Horde now on WH… even though merged and dead AF LOL - Baltix#1169

Vincint here from FoE in vanilla/BC days. good to see some familiar faces are still alive… or were 2 years ago XD

Any of you old FoE people add me on Bnet Cokesplash#1895

Not sure why but it posted on some character a Chinese gold farmer made on my account haha

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Has anyone heard from Tas or Lexxie? Good to see from you Vincint and Bagel inc. Anyone remember some rogue running around crying about some one using his servo arm and out dpsing his rogue so he cried and rerolled plawlaladdidn? The muslim Paladin remake?

PS the government stole my levels.

Been in a Couple BG’s with Old School Wildhammer Legend Glorin a couple times in the past few months. Its nice to see some peeps still around from Vanilla. He was playing on Ret pally with similar name Glorinn forgot what server hes on now.


Miss you guys.


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Hey!!! Thomass the tank here from Rebels and Neoauld checking in a lifetime later! Holy crap I remember so many of you guys. I used to dedicate so many hours to playing with you all, was an absolute blast. I just started playing again and would love to hookup with some of you other now middle aged players. Losec, Bladehunter, Kobra, Sinner, Wambam, and Yokelchu, never forget you guys. :heart:

Glorin was a legend. I remember when BBZ was tearing through Nax and Detheras was totally decked out in dreadnaught set… I was so damn jealous in my full T2 haha.

Hello! Facehugger here :smile: miss all you guys!