Old-School Veteran LF New player friendly guild with a strong vision [A] Stormrage & [H] Area 52

Hey guys. I played since launch in 2004, I was 12 at the time. I chronically rerolled so I never hit 60 until after TBC launch. Most of my most cherished memories was raiding as a Holy Priest in TBC and progressing through content with an older guild on Cairne. I played through all of WotLK. I am primarily PvE oriented. I raided a slight amount in Cata, I missed all of MoP, leveled to 100 in WoD and quit shortly after, and in Legion I never hit 110 before I quit again.

I have been steadily active since 1 month after BFA launch. My skill level is Heroic raid equivalent and pretty much 7-11ish M+. I’m not Cutting Edge. I enjoy the small things in WoW and I certainly enjoy helping new players find their way around the game and navigate whatever areas they need help in that I am knowledgeable of.

I cherish an environment that has strict policies against elitism and pro-actively combats toxic behaviors. Structure and organization and a sound leadership hierarchy is a major plus. I also cherish a guild with an intentional altruistic vision that values the players over progress and achievement.

Add me preferably BTag Anointed#11577 or reply to this thread. I would like to give a couple of guilds a shot and find a good home or homes for my army of alts and my 120s.

Hey! Add me on bnet. I have the guild for you I think!