Old School Eredar

Hello Eredar,

long time no see. I will be back for Vanilla, anyone else?


we have an Eredar Social group and discord… were looking at Herod>Faerlina>Fairbanks as of now we have like 100 eredar ppl in the group coming back add me on battlenet if u want links MuRDeRa83#1543

Good stuff, I have a crew with me, after much thought/research, math, etc… we are going Skeram-A!

we have an alliance and horde clans setup on stalagg right now of about 40ish members heres discord if u wanna talk to everyone
https:// discord.gg/ xrBySdk just remove the spaces!

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practitioner, that’s a name I remember. Did you end up rolling on Skeram?

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yep. sure did