Old School Eredar player looking for old friends <Nerf that Ish>

Hey everyone,

Hoping I can get some help tracking down some old players since I haven’t played in a very long time and recently returned for classic. I started on Eredar really early on as a druid (this character) but my name was Klohk. I was in in the early days with Thehairyone (rank 14 paladin) and a rank 14 rogue with a few others I can’t remember, I was always the druid that played stables in AB and held it myself lol. We always had tons of fun in premades against BWT (Bloodwolf Tribe) and wanted to get back in touch. I remember tracking them down in TBC and they rerolled horde on another server I believe. Ever since then I lost track of them as they went the arena route and I was still playing alliance at the time. Wondering if any of you old players are still around.