Old School Dragonmaw Players

Hey ya. Just wanted to start a new topic to somewhat maintain in contact with us old timers from Dragonmaw.

Since Wrath and the dissolve of the original Blood of Heroes I have been playing on ED and WRA, leaning heavy to the horde side of things. My game time comes in waves because WoW sucks compared to where we all came from back in the day.

Classic seems to be coming this summer and I was wondering if any of you are going to be playing this old version of the game?

Would love to hear how y’all have been doing. Let’er Rip.

Need to give us a bit of warning, I normally only check Dragonmaw forums on my birthday…

Miss my online Horde friends, big shout-out to SSS, but especially SAME. Wonder if Mar’s corpse is still in Ironforge…

Hopefully I’ll get a girlfriend before Classic is released, and I will spend my time with her until the urge to play fades. If I fail at that, then heck yeah I’m playing Classic A LOT. WOOOOOOOOOO!

No regrets playing WOW back in 2004-2006, not sure if its the right move now. But I’ll see.

Will they make a Dragonmaw server this time around, who knows.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


I’ll be back =) been a year or so since I played wow, so i’m looking forward to classic once again


I don’t know if I count as old school, as I transferred to D-Maw in Wrath, but I helped organize the Friday Night Fights back then. I miss that sort of community we had. :frowning: Hi to anyone who remembers the far too emo girl who ran drunken RBGs during Cata :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember those! Those were some good times. I only went to a couple, but I remember them being really popular because world pvp was dying out but that kinda brought those moments back to life

thanks again for doing those, hey? really felt like old times in the open world that didn’t involve dalaran idling xD


Yeah, it’s a shame we can’t really do stuff like that anymore because of sharding. The removal of Have Group Will Travel also made it a lot harder to get groups together for wpvp. The main organizer on Horde side, Genk, doesn’t even play anymore, I think (or he’s transferred servers). They were fun when they lasted!

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I left Dragonmaw mid TBC to go to Khaz’Goroth. Sorry to miss out on world pvp fun. Though I was, and probably still am, a bit of a care bear. Let’s all be friends instead of fighting :slight_smile:

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played classic-wotlk on dmaw. I will be playing classic with another dmaw vet elephantis we were part of the guild beyond defeat.


I will for sure coming back to play classic wow. Played on dmaw from launch to tbc and enjoyed every minute of it. Only clan I can remember being in was Alexstrasza dragon Riders aka ADR.


I will probably be coming back to play Classic as well. Played a Priest from vanilla until the end of Wrath when I switched to warlock. Ajal the Shadow priest. Had some good times back on old Dmaw


I’m fighting the urge… /wave TBoH and Perky!


I know this was last posted in like a month ago but that’s normal for these realm forums these days.

Anyone who wants to is thinking of playing Classic for the world PvP, do it. I haven’t really been playing WoW at all for a few years and ignored the Classic advertisements at first but renewed my subscription about a week into it and it’s great (which put me more behind the curve then I want to be but whatever).

World PvP and the social aspect is more what it used to be back then. I rolled Mootwo on Herod a high pop realm in an effort to be on a realm that wouldn’t die out very fast. The world PvP in Hillsbrad today was amazing.


MooTwo!! Errmrrgrrd I have to find the picture of our lowbies hanging out. Hi!

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Hi Yylanas! Nice to see you still around! I’d love to see that picture :slight_smile:

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Turns out it’s… not as I remembered. We weren’t hanging out. PK was uh… PK’ing :smiley: Good times either way!

Dang the forums won’t let me link images. Friend me and I’ll send them in chat or something.



Well, well, welll…looky what I found!

I played steady (raiding) up until the release of BfA then slacked off due to health/money issues and a crazy work schedule. After my play time dropped off, my guild kicked me so I solo’d BfA. I finally quit then came back last weekend.

I’m still playing the hunter on Emerald Dream but miss my DMaw community. There’s been NOTHING like y’all EVER! <3

I haven’t tried classic although I’ve heard it’s great. If I do, I’ll probably play a Priest. I will NEVER EVER play another hunter through Classic. OMG…insanity.
/wave Pendagore
/wave Mootwo
/wave Yylanas


I was in < West Dragon > with Smooth and that crew for a while on my warlock toon, way back then.

My most memorable time on the server was fighting for Azuregos in Azshara when she first spawned. Good times!

I’m still here. Still killing reds.

Skipped most of bfa, but I’m back for SL.

Raided classic for a while but it wasn’t what I wanted.

Anyway. Hey.

Hello to those who knew me from Earthbound or SOS Brigade (and the Silly Hats Only and Train of Justice folks I did RBGs with in Cata)! Back on and off in BFA, but back now for a while probably. Got my husband playing and we’re looking forward to Shadowlands! Might get back into raiding, I miss the fun teamwork!


Also “Want some beer, raider boy?” macros with exposed chest.