Old school bonechewer folks

Any of you still play? Or did old age get all of you.

Former Bonechewer here. I wasn’t an “OG” per se, I started in late TBC and only really started participating in end-game content midway through Wrath. I stopped playing the patch after Firelands in Cata and only recently returned at the start of Shadowlands.

I wasn’t able to recover my original account so I don’t have any of my old characters intact, unfortunately…but the memories, I’ll forever cherish!

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Sorry you lost your old account! Tbc and wrath count imo <3

Happen to stumble across this while looking for old BC players. I’ve seen a few people on and off over the years. I’m def a lot more casual now, playing with my wife and doing mid-tier stuff. I was Clavier in United Strength and later Unretrofied in BiPolar. The only guild that I’ve seen around is Stoic, who currently raids on Thrall. I’m not sure how much of their roster is original from Vanilla, though. I know Darkmech is doing real well for himself in the wow community - Darkmech (@Darkmechx) / X (twitter.com)

Old school PvP server OG reporting for doody.
Bonechewer was the best in the battle group. Sadly I’m aging out fast this game needs a rebirth