Old School Agamaggan Alliance

Looking for Alliance players who were on the server when it launched and are thinking about playing in Classic. Used to play Bellemadison and BG non stop with Myx, Southflorida, WarDawg, Stutterfly and the such. Would love to get the band back together for classic!

These names sound familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was in Empire Legacy and a few other guilds at the time I didn’t roll with your crew but recognize the names.

Name is Tasa if you remember

I remember that crew! Dunno who is still around, I mainly ran with Disbanded. I know some of the Horde guys are still around like Kamidal.


If I see any of you again and you’re red, you’re dead.

Correction, you’re dead.

P.S. Recruiting for rank 14 grind in classic. Round 2… FIGHT!

Man, you’re gonna go for R14 again Hado? Let’s do it!

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If you’re alliance we can ride together to war, this time side by side!

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Stabsfast here. Rank 13 gnome rogue from the angry carebears. Then founding officer of disbanded when the carebears disbanded lol. I’m now married and a father of 2 so I probably won’t be rank grinding but I’ll be down to melt faces when I do play.

Hado, what server are you guys rolling on? A ton of old Agamaggan Alliance are all rolling on Faerlina but your offer sounds tempting.

Pretty sure Asky is rolling Fairbanks PVP.

I’m your Huckleberry

Yeah Fairbanks alliance.

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Whats yo name bruv.

I was once Renarrd from Imperil

Hey man, on Fairbanks as alliance. send me a tell


Late reply, sorry. This is my char but I’m on Skeram. It was a last minute change. Don’t hate me :neutral_face: Add me on bnet hadoken#1456

You still playing Hadoken? Or anyone who saw this post last year? I’m on Kromcrush and we just had some server transfers of horde and are now gonna try to save our realm. Been pvping like back in agamaggan damn I’ve missed it lol. Probably only going for Marshal again though been geared out pretty well by my guild

I remember when Agamaggan’s greatest controversy was when Grand Marshal Dala from Angry Carebears turned out to be a man. Apparently, he somehow was able to PVP in premades until rank 14 without a microphone and everyone assumed he was a she. Lol.

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A lot of old memories for sure.