Old Scarlet Crusader after Classic stress test

I don’t know if there is anybody here who will remember me. I started playing around late March or early April 2005, “just” before Scarlet Crusade was released as a server.

After participating in the 48 hour classic stress test this week, I have been experiencing a flood of memories and nostalgia. I knew I wanted to post about it, and it didn’t feel right posting to any server “but” Scarlet Crusade.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the stress test was a HUGE enjoyment for me. Yes, it had it’s difficulties, mainly in having 30-40 players all running around the Valley of Trials trying to kill the same 6 boars, but to be completely honest, I don’t anticipate this continuing to be a problem a month or two after classic goes live. Aside from that nuisance, the memories that came. Reading the old quest texts, getting a rune etched note after your first quest, having the class trainers actually mean something…

My 11 year old sat by me and watched me play, seeing him pick up on all of the changes. One thing I’d forgotten was just how creepy the old goblins looked with their huge, toothy smiles. Seeing my level 2 almost get killed by a level 5 mob as I was running too close to the road, realizing that the original Razor Hill didn’t have a flight path and then, I saw it… the original front wall of Orgrimmar!

I’d forgotten what the front wall looked like, it’s been so long since the rubbish fortress Garrosh brought upon us. I want inside and remembered hours of open role plays that I’d both seen, and been a part of for the 6 years before the Cataclysm made the city larger and darker.

When I got into Thrall’s war room, I didn’t want to leave. In fact, I didn’t. That character hasn’t left Orgrimmar since. I for one cannot “wait” for Classic to go live, to go back and play the game that “was”, to have access to all three talent trees again, to be wary of the silver portrait elites, to have to find herb nodes again because the “glittery” swirl is no longer there. I don’t think I’ll completely abandon the current content, but I will absolutely be going back and reliving what I still believe was the glory days of this game!

Hi, I am sorry I do not remember you. But I do remember the good old days. That was back before cross-realm and Scarlet Crusade actually had a community. I joined SC a little later than you did, in July 2006.

I’m glad you enjoyed the stress test. I played a demo version several months ago, and it really did bring back the memories. I used to enjoy just exploring, finding new places, being surprised when I went to check out a town up in Ashenvale and getting killed.

I’m looking forward to classic going live.

Hex Fire Clan!

Da Butha membah’s.

Looking forward to some time with Classic.

I played on Scarlet Crusade for all of vanilla with Archon. We were the highest progress raiding guild on the server. A few of my friends are going to reform for classic.

If interested let us know. We are going to try and rebuild the same kind of raiding guild.

Definitely remember you! And my dear Butha! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I cannot wait for the return of Classic and bringing back the blind lady of face-stabbing and fire…

I think I recognize a couple of names in this thread. Recently logged in for the first time in a long time and I seem to be the only one left in Vetus Schola. Yay, I finally made guild master.