Old raids no longer soloable

The damage boost has never applied to content in the immediate previous expansion.


You know all about that bad job don’t you :wink:

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How much of that was due to corruption?
For me, Legion raids were always quite tough and super slow until twilight dev took over.
Raids with legacy damage enabled though are still trivial from my testing.


Are you 100% positive you remember seeing that said? I just ask because that would a) require base characters to be buffed dramatically and b) be very difficult to determine where the balance point should be.

Remember that people had anywhere from 0-135(?) corruption resistance along with people running anywhere from 0-80 corruption above that. That is an absolutely massive delta of power difference so either people would have to be massively buffed or nerfed to equal that out.

Yeah that sounds buggy to me. Did you notice if it was all later patch rares? Or was it all the way from release rares upto 8.3 rares out of curiosity?
Wonder if they rebalanced around a fresh 120 or something whacky.
How do normal mobs feel? Same? Worse?


same thing happened with power when they did the item level squish at the beginning of bfa, they really need to chill on the power reductions, I don’t mind the level squish but like scale things better.


I don’t recall them ever giving us a straight up power boost in Legion content. They did, however, add legacy loot rules which made transmog farming a bit easier. If they stick to the same pattern we should be getting said power boost as we level through Shadowlands.


Try running islands.

I actually didn’t have any trouble in Uldum or Pandaria with the invasions. I was facetanking rares in retribution spec and generally doing just fine.

Tried island expeditions… went from not really worrying about pulling half the island and the horde at the same time to just getting pancaked by a single rare with a normal mob pack. The first two deaths it was getting worn down way faster than I would have expected, the third I lost about 90% of my health in one shot from something. I’ll admit I wasn’t being incredibly careful, but…islands. Who is, really. On the one hand, tuning issues aren’t all that unexpected. On the other, this is kind of all the stuff we have to do right now and half of it doesn’t really work.


My bad. Guess I was confusing the changes Blizz made to legacy loot for Legion content with it also enabling the legacy damage boost, but as others have pointed out that was not the case.

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It lasted longer than 2 seconds when I tried it a few weeks ago.

It quickly got to the point where you were perma stunned.

So X to doubt that you soloed it.


It’s sad. However, there is a solution - multiboxing. You finish any instance alone by using it.

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corruption was a mistake


i have a fun idea this is an mmo where you have to be social and play with other ppl. so get on discord and meet some new ppl and join up with them. the word solo should never be used in an mmo.

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Rip 1 mil PepeLaugh

None for me - I removed all my corruption and tested against BfA mobs at 120 that were trivial, and couldn’t even kill them at all come level 50 today.


Tired a WQ rare in Tirisgarde Sound and one in Mechagon, but were trivial yesterday and impossible today.


Not a lot of things annoy me that Blizzard does, but this of all things irks me…I don’t care about ability pruning, flying, level squish, number squish, etc. but don’t make my character weaker!! Unless you make the enemies weaker too. I like knowing that we’re progressing and I can do older content for pets, transmog, mounts, etc. It’s a legitimate activity in the game. It’s so frustrating when for no reason we’re essentially nerfed. And for me it shows some incompetence on their end. What’s with the wacky numbers in the game? Things should just scale uniformly. I feel like they have made a big mess of things.


You really doubting that I was able to solo Mythic Gul’Dan?
You REALLY think I made this whole thing up?
Would you like me to upload my guide on how to solo Mythic Gul’Dan before the pre-patch? If you want me to, I will.


Just got done doing M Antorus and Aggramar wiped us twice lol

https //imgur com/a/ddpuOug
Let me know if you’re still a doubting andy and I’ll upload the whole thing.


Remember when (IIRC between Nov 2018 and March 2019) that they decided to improve the levelling? They made it worse, which they hotfixed, then had to patch.

One would think that given the smart people working at Blizz that they would be able to get the math correct the first time.