Old RAF System (Didn't get rewards..)

Returning player since Classic was launched.
I’ve played since Vanilla till WoTLK and had referred my cousin a while back, when Classic was launched I decided to start playing WoW again. I decided to check retail for the fun of it at the time and notice I could choose a RAF mount from the Rocket/Guardian Panther. I didn’t think of it much back then because I thought I could redeem it at anytime, and since I was playing Classic it wasn’t a big deal. When returning to BFA just before SL release, I noticed I couldn’t pick any of the following mounts anymore because of the new RAF system implemented? And may I add that my cousin got his RAF mount aswell.

I’ve put multiple tickets in explaining the situation, and just seems like a big ol’ kick in the shin to me?
It’ll be awesome that I could get my old rewards again, or an explanation why I can’t/didn’t receive one in the end (with a limited time to choose…)

Kind regards,