Old player from CC

So it’s been a long time since I have been in the game surprisingly they kept my toons, and honestly the guild I formed in WOLK, I left in early Cata most of the guild mates left the game, most of the people in the game I knew had left, recently joined back and BF seems really well put together hoping to find some easy going people to mess around in the game with. Still getting familiar with the current version of the game have yet to hit any 5-mans I generally run Prophyt as a prot pally, wyldweaver resto/bear, Thundyr resto/elemental.

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Welcome! CC is very much a quiet and slow server. I find it maddening to level/play toons I’m serious on. I hope you’re able to find an active guild, I have not been able to yet. :frowning:

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Well I will try, will see how it goes. I am hoping to meet some like minded people don’t care what guild they are in.

I remember when it started we were kinda slow as it was RP server.

Yeah I’m part of the old old crew. Used to raid and RP but now I just RP every now and then and moved most of my mains off the server to A52. I don’t even know if CC has any raiding guilds anymore, TBH.

Good to know, thank you so much for your response. I took some time to look up some names I knew back in the day don’t even see them on the list so suspect they are no longer active.

I don’t recognize yolur name or anything, but I used to be Araceli (Belf paladin), Keisha (Belf Hunter), Isandra (Human Mage, way back Vanilla/BC) and Armaya (Belf Warlock). Those were pretty much my mains. Everyone but the warlock is gone off to A52.

Prophyt was my main a human prot pally
Wyrdwolf was my dwarven hunter
Wyldweaver my nightelf Druid
In BC I added Thundyr my Draenei shaman
Sounds like we were opposing factions might not have great familiarity