Old Naxx frost resist gear and Frozen Runes

Anyone out there looking for some old unobtainable transmogs? Boy do I have a surprise for you. I’ve come into contact with a player that has some old mats for the frost resist gear from the vanilla 40 man naxx (frozen runes) and have the tailoring recipes for the glacial cloak, glacial gloves, glacial bracers, and best of all the Glacial vest. If anyone is interested buying any of these bueatiful cloth items that are no longer in the game or some frozen runes (for gold only) send me an in game mail or hit me up on discord @Jaejunip#7406. (Note these are not my items I am helping a long time player try to sell these items so he can work on getting his long boi). We are on the Lightbringer server allaince side. But for the right gold price would be willing to move servers to bring you the items.

Come get your runes fellow Lightbringer-ians

Omiscient do you by chance still have these runes??